Moments! Google Ads and Analytics Keynote

Google  Vizion Interactive

Mobile changes everything!

We are in a Mobile First World, and the shift to mobile has happened. Google wants us to know that brands have more moments to connect with consumers than ever before, and to be smart about which moments are the right moments to connect.

We want to connect with people during all of the I Want to Know, I Want to Go, I Want to Do, I Want to Buy moments and Google is calling these moments Micro Moments. These are the moments that represent a great opportunity for us to connect with our consumers. To do this, a brand must understand the user intent and context of the searches they are doing. We are very excited to hear about the new things that Google will be rolling out over the next year; these are great opportunities for us to have additional tools that will help our team help our clients reach their ROI goals.

Below I will outline some of the exciting new developments that we will soon be able to bring into our marketing programs.

Google AdWords

Text Ads – Longer headlines and expanded number of characters in the description to 80 characters. That is 50% more Ad text (Early testing has shown some advertisers have reported increases in CTR by up to 20%). Google encourages us to start thinking about what our Ads can look like when this is rolled out, later this year.

Google Display Network – Google has designed a system that will do the hard work for us. Just provide headlines, descriptions, images and URLs. They will create beautiful Ads for us that fit any web page or App, and this redesign will also unlock native ad inventory across the GDN.

Bidding – Starting in the next few months you will be able to set individual bid adjustments for each device type: mobile, desktop, and even tablet. You can now optimize your bids for the device types that matter most to you and all within a single AdWords campaign.

Google Maps

Local Search Ads – Advertisers using location extensions can take advantage of richer more relevant Ads within the Google Maps properties. Ads will now appear on, in the Google Maps App and the desktop, mobile and tablet websites. You will be able to provide offers to help bring people to your location and have local store product search capability so that consumers will know that you do have the product they want in stock which will bring them into your store to make the purchase.

Promoted Pins – Promote your business to people that are nearby now and to people when they are along their route. An added benefit only offered by Google will be the ability to provide offers to consumers. Google will be testing new formats over the next year to see which provide the best value to consumers and advertisers.

Googles Store Visits is currently more than 99% accurate, and Google is going to make them more accurate by adding beacon signals to improve the existing location data. Businesses of all sizes are using store visits to measure the impact of online ads on offline activity. You can see which keywords drive people into your stores.


Google Display Network – Extending the reach of your remarketing campaigns by offering cross exchange inventory. This will let you reach additional websites and Apps across the world with the same high-quality traffic.

Similar Audiences for Search – This will allow us to reach searchers that have similar interests as those people that have visited your site already.

Demographics for Search Ads – Combines user intent with age and gender. This will be rolling out in the next few months.

New AdWords Experience – Rolling out in 2016 and 2017, Google will surface the insights that you care about and visualize them in a way that will make it easier to see what is performing well and what needs your attention. You will quickly see your top campaigns and which devices are driving your clicks and conversions. Now at a glance, you will be able to see how your campaigns are performing by hour of the day. Google will be focusing more on your business and less on the product. They have built a campaign creation flow to help you focus on your business goals, and it works like this: you tell them your objectives, and they will tell you what to do to achieve those results. There will be no upgrading or migration of any kind to use these new features, and all of the most important features will be accessible with a single click from anywhere in your account.

Google Analytics 360

Optimize 360 – Deep connections with analytics making testing much quicker and more valuable.

Data Studio 360 – Allows you to build reports quickly using real authentic collaborations with other team members. This works a lot like Google Docs with easy copy and paste, and the ability to bring in new data sources with a few clicks. Google will be bringing in other Google data plus many third party data streams shortly. Available in paid beta and a free version where you can create up to five reports.

Q&A Conversational Search built into the 360 suite – Currently in development, you will soon be able to speak or type in a question in natural language right in your analytics 360 accounts. It will be able to tell us quickly how many new users we had in a month or what the bestselling products for the month were to name a few.

Want to hear more in-depth discussions and real life applications for the features above? You can listen to the Google Ads and Analytics keynote here.