Monitoring Your Link-Building Provider

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No time to build links to your site? Hire a link-building provider and then you don’t even have to think about inbound linking. Wrong, bad link-builders will likely set you back further then where you are now in respect to link-building and your trustworthiness with the search engines.

Much like the three-month probationary period you would endure with a new employer, the same is advised for any relationship you would engage in with a link-building provider. Not paying attention to their structure of link accrual, if they are paying for links, what types of topic relevance are associated with your site and the sites that now link to you could end up really hurting your site in the end. Site owners who peddle this task out to vendors must initially take their link-building reports with a grain of salt. They need to double check many of the links accrued and assess the relationship of these linking sites, pages and associated links to understand if value is really being passed onto the site.

I can say that I have experienced this first hand as for instance I recently watched a client pay for link-building services from a link-building vendor which resulted in dozens of link-filled blog posts placed on sites of little topic relevance. However, this was not the worst of the situation. Many links were adjacent to non-topically relevant posts such as the posts with links to Russian mail order brides, Viagra and other sites that make your skin crawl.

It is imperative that you hold your link-building service to a standard when assessing link-building efforts. Start by keeping these questions below in mind.

Topical Relevance:

  • Domain Relevance: Is the domain linking to your site hold keyword-rich similarities to the overall keyword theme of the target page on your site? It is much less credible when the red bicycles page links to your red bicycles page from the domain.
  • Page Relevance: Does the page hold topic/keyword relevance to the target page on your site. We don’t need links to the red bicycles page from a directory page for Ferrari dealers in New Jersey.

Domain Uniqueness: Social media links to me do not hold true link-building credit. These are efforts in social media marketing. If for the last three months you see links from Facebook,, and to your site pages, so does the search engines, and maybe you got credit the first month. 20 links from one site are as good as one link from an external domain, regardless if they are to different site pages. If you can understand the relationship than so can a crawling search engine.

Anchor Text: This is common to most savvy internet marketers. The links directing to your site should be anchored on a relevant keyword phrase. It is becoming more important to diversify the text to your site so that you are not getting all your links anchored on the same text. It should be mixed up, filler words, semantic varieties, etc.

Linked Page Associations: Much like the example given above that made us giggle, assess the page linking to your site and see what other links point out from the page. If these are to porn sites, pill sites or gambling sites you should be on the phone screaming your link-vendor’s head off.

While these points are in no way the entire list of considerations for analyzing the link-building accrual methods of your link-building provider, this checklist is a quick way to understand where things may be headed in the future. Having someone send a plethora of junk links to your site can do more damage in the long run than if you would have never hired them in the first place.

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  1. Yep, it is also good to know how they are getting the links too.

  2. May be you dont need it if you have a free link service provider like
    Thanks for sharing..

  3. It is quite necessary to monitor our link-building provider while it result in good quality links that will propel our sites up the rankings.

  4. Hi
    it is important to remember that links tend to "vanish" since the site administrators tend to remove them when they get too crowded. It is important to monitor the target sites and verify that your link is still there ….

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