Monthly Randomness: Tip to Drive Traffic

Combine Content Marketing with SEO for More Qualified Search Traffic

As marketers, were constantly trying to discover various ways to drive traffic to web sites. So often we see regular content being created that does not contain any SEO optimization.  The content could be a great read, but if users can’t find it and engage with the site, what’s the point of creating it in the first place? On the other side of the spectrum, you could have a well optimized page but poorly-crafted content, so your audience will bounce and won’t interact with your site.

It’s important to blend the two together to produce valuable content that keeps your audience returning. But what if you want more traffic? Well, here is a tip on how you can drive more traffic to your website.

Lean on Wikipedia

Wikipedia pretty much ranks for any search term and is a power-house when it comes to generating traffic. After all, it’s the fifth most popular web site globally.  BMW once announced that they receive 100,000 visitors from Wikipedia each month.

Wikipedia often suffers from what they call “link rot” or broken links. This is due to the massive amount of pages they have to maintain and often external links from references and citations gradually become irrelevant or broken.

This is a great opportunity to craft valuable content and receive links from Wikipedia, which will ultimately bring your site more traffic and potentially more conversions.

To find broken links on Wikipedia, go to Google and in the search box type the following: “dead link.” Then review the search results.
Click on a search result and locate the dead links. Once you’ve discovered a broken link, copy the URL and place it in the wayback machine.  Now you can review the old page and determine the topic and the type of content the page contained.  Craft your own page around the same topic and then revisit the Wikipedia page to remove the old broken link and add your new page URL.

Of course, you must be a trusted editor by making various edits and providing suggestions to Wikipedia in the past. If you create an account and start making edits to broken links and start adding backlinks to your own site, you will more than likely lose your account.  Tread lightly when taking advantage of this strategy.

One more tactic you can utilize is discovering sites that were pointing to the broken link by using MajesticSEO. Download a full list of sites that linked to the dead link and contact them to inform them that the old link is broken. Then share your URL that contains the same relevant content with the hopes that they swap out the links.

Do you have any simple tips to drive additional traffic to your web site? Let us know in the comments below.