Must Haves For Your Content Strategy in 2021

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content strategy in 2021Throughout the past decade, digital marketing has completely transformed the way businesses create and implement their advertising strategies. Consumers’ habits and behaviors are constantly changing, meaning the digital marketing industry must work diligently to develop innovations that will effectively meet these growing needs. At the end of each year, businesses plan for the next year by examining trends and looking for ways to enhance their strategies to reach an ever-expanding market. 

Just as the global COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered many aspects of our lives, it has also resulted in changes to the digital marketing landscape. With most Americans working and learning from home, their exposure to traditional advertising methods has been limited, so the importance of an online presence cannot be understated. It has become vital for businesses to focus on the quality of their digital marketing campaigns and invest in valuable strategies. To ensure your business thrives during this difficult time, consider the following trends you can employ in the upcoming year.

Streaming Video Ads

Streaming video ads have completely taken over the digital marketing industry and now are considered the most powerful method of engaging customers and encouraging purchases. People from all demographic backgrounds prefer video content, and consumer engagement with video consistently rates higher than every other form of content. Modern consumers dedicate a third of the time they spend online watching video content, and most of them pay close attention to video ads placed within this content. 

When they create impactful video ads that resonate with consumers, businesses greatly benefit in several ways. A staggering 90% of consumers report that videos influence their purchasing decisions, with 64% of them sharing that videos increase the chances of them purchasing the product. Streaming services such as YouTube employ algorithms to situate certain ads alongside appropriate content, meaning your marketing campaigns will be properly directed to your target audience. They also provide reports examining how your video content performs along a range of metrics, such as click performance, viewership, frequency, and reach.

Interactive Content

With the video game market displaying exponential success during the past 10 years, more consumers than ever demonstrate increased interest in gaming-related content. Because of this change, interactive content is more effective at engaging consumers than static content.

In fact, 88% of marketers report that interactive content serves to successfully differentiate their brands from the competition. Interactive content takes many forms, including surveys, polls, quizzes, shoppable posts, video tours, and augmented or virtual reality experiences. Additionally, contests can rapidly increase your reach, especially if they include attractive rewards. 

Consumers of interactive content demonstrate not only longer periods of engagement but also higher levels of enjoyment. Businesses reap substantial rewards when developing interactive content, including enhanced brand exposure, greater brand recall, and credibility. The right analytical tools allow you to learn more about your audience to further optimize your content and target the consumers most likely to engage with your business.

Social Media

As social distancing guidelines continue to dominate the country, more people are replacing in-person interactions with engagement on social media platforms. This has created an unparalleled opportunity for marketing on these platforms, and many businesses are taking advantage by funneling resources into their social media marketing campaigns. In fact, as of June 2020, companies across the country are delegating approximately 24% of their marketing budgets specifically to social media, a growth of 13% from February.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other social media websites provide the perfect setting for appealing to new audiences and retaining and re-engaging existing customers. A marketing specialist for your business can use social media to create content plans, share regularly scheduled posts, monitor customer involvement, and drive sales. Also, users’ ability to share content easily and quickly on social media platforms is especially beneficial for increasing the reach of your brand.

Get Help With Your Content Strategy

The trends listed above form a great place to begin when planning your digital marketing strategy for 2021. With high-quality streaming video ads, exciting interactive content, and a strong social media presence, you can take your business to the level. The right strategies can significantly influence your brand’s success by increasing traffic, generating leads, and accomplishing sales. Contact the marketing experts at Vizion today to learn how to apply these valuable trends to your business during the upcoming year.