Name That Stache!

It’s Movember! And, while we’re a bit behind we’re still in the game! If you aren’t aware of what Movember is I’ll explain it real quick. Movember takes place during the month of November (surprised right?) and is focused at brining awareness to men’s health issues. Things like prostate and testicular cancer and mental illness.

Movember is also the month when men grow (or try to grow) a mustache in support of raising awareness to this cause. At Vizion Interactive we’re doing our part to get involved. In order to help promote and raise awareness we’re going to be conducting a contest this month.
Name That Stache!

We will be unveiling a partial photo of an online marketer with only their stache visible 2-3 times a week (so you better follow us closely). We’ll elude to some clues as to who they are and then it’s up to you to discover whom the stache belongs to.

The winner will have $250 donated in their name to the Movember Foundation

In order to become eligible you must be a fan of Vizion Interactive on Facebook and name 5 staches correctly. You *must* answer via commenting on the given post. In the case of a tie a winner will be determined by a random draw. The winner will be notified via email. Excited? We are! Oh and here’s the first!


CMR is the game, but you need to figure out the rest.

This person is located on the west coast and loving their gig, harbors no ill will towards mankind.

Sales should never be forced and this person never gives off that attitude, and is greatly respected and liked within the search community.

Last tip, is known to be from the land of maple syrup and bags of milk.

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  1. bhartzer

    Todd Friesen, aka Oilman

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