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It’s Super Bowl Sunday! The two best teams in the NFL are going head to head to determine who will be the Super Bowl Champions. For the most part everyone knows what’s going on, some know and could careless and well then there’s this crowd:

So if the above image describes you perfectly then we’ve got the perfect solution on the off chance you’re stuck at a Super Bowl party and have no idea what’s going on. We’ve taken HTTP Status codes and fit them to football scenarios you may see happen today.

Or you could also use these images to also help explain a little bit about what you do on the web to your friends that dragged you to said Super Bowl party and join in on the conversations being had.

Or maybe you didn’t want to go to the party because you didn’t want to hear people go on and on about football the entire time. I’ll be honest, I watch it more for the commercials but football can be pretty entertaining. So if you’re at home trying not to act like you’re not following along with what’s happening on Facebook and Twitter…

We hope that no matter what side of the scenario you are you’ll know what’s going on and know your HTTP status codes and meanings a little bit better. While these aren’t exactly the cats and dogs you’re used to please enjoy and feel free to share!

100 continue

101 switching protocols

200 ok

201 created

202 accepted

204 no content

206 partial content

207 multi status

300 multiple choices

301 redirect

302 temporary redirect

303 see other

304 not modified

305 use proxy

400 bad request

401 unauthorized

402 payment required

403 forbidden

404 not found

405 method not allowed

408 request timeout

409 conflict

410 gone

411 length required

412 precondition failed

413 payload too large

414 URI too long

416 requested range not satisfiable

415 unsupported media type

418 im a teapot
417 expectation failed

423 locked

422 unprocessable entity

503 service unavailable

502 bad gateway

500 internal server error

Unavailable For Legal Reasons Updated HTTP Status Codes NFL Vizion Interactive

431 request header fields too large

426 - upgrade required

429 too many requests

424 failed dependency

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