Open Site Explorer v3

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SEOmoz is easily one of the top 5 tools in any link builder’s toolbox, and their Open Site Explorer has been given a face lift with the launch of version 3.  Announced at last week’s MozCon, OSE v3 sports several notable features to go with its new look.

So what’s new with v3 besides the look?  Open Site Explorer v3 features a strong focus on social metrics as well as some added versatility in their reporting functions.

Social Metrics

Recognizing the ever increasing importance of social media in seo, Open Site Explorer v3 now provides a nice initial side by side view of link data and social metrics.  Authority, linking domains, total links, and now Facebook, Twitter, and wait for it…Google +1 are all now visible on the top row view.  SEOmoz has also included these same three social metrics in the Top Pages report for quick evaluation of top links.

Reporting Functions

Open Site Explorer v3 also has three upgrades in reporting:

  1. Anchor Text data now gives you a selection of the actual links containing the anchor text.
  2. Compare Link Metrics now allows quick viewing of up to five sites.
  3. Advanced Reports has new advanced filters for customizing CSV reports.

Overall some nice upgrades to an already excellent tool.  Now that OSE v3 is out, what do you think?  How useful will you find these new features?

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