Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) Request for Proposal Template

So often, marketers and business owners are quick to try to find an immediate solution to their pain points with PPC advertising management, and by-pass asking the questions necessary, or otherwise collecting the data necessary, to understand “scope” of an effort.

Without this exercise, you’re left wondering “what goes into the effort”? Who does what? What are our goals, and are they realistic? What are channel opportunities (and which channels do I feel I’ve maximized or perhaps am under-utilizing”?)

For this reason, we – at Vizion Interactive – have developed an RFP template for marketers and business owners to download and use freely, as they shop agencies for management of their efforts. Certainly, there will be items that we have missed (and we want to know about these, so that we can incorporate updates/modifications into future versions of the PPC RFP template). But, feel free to download this template below and modify and/or anonymize this, however you please. At least this can be a starting point of crafting a scope document for your PPC advertising initiatives.

You should also check out our ROI Marketing Calculators, to help you determine “where you need to be”.

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We would, of course, appreciate your consideration if you are – in fact – shopping providers of PPC advertising management services.