A Rant – “Top SEO Companies”…only this time, it’s not the usual suspect

So, I admit it…I am a bit “vain”. I am one of those CEOs who will on occasion search “search engine optimization companies” on Google to see just who is showing up.

In the past, I would see my “friends” TopSEOs.com (see many earlier posts on this subject). But, today, I came across another NEW “friend”.
Gotta love it.

I haven’t dug into exactly how these guys are established (who’s behind it), but I love it when I can check the backlink profile for a site like this and see a “clear” affiliation.

In this case, there’s a link from this website, MarketLeaderSEO.com (below) to SEOCompanyReviewer using the anchor text “seo services”.

it’s RIGHT THERE next to “Market Leader” in the footer:

Here’s the About Us on Market Leader:

If SEO Company Reviewer is trying to “provide some clarity”, why is it that they are not showing me exactly “who” is doing these “reviews”? After all, I would only trust a review if it was coming from a source that I actually trusted, right? Well, as you may have read about Yelp reviews,(http://www.cbronline.com/news/social/fake-online-reviews-on-rise-yelp-admits-300913)they estimate that perhaps 20% of their reviews are fake. I might suggest that at least Yelp is “reviewing” (or there is actually someone – a human – doing “something”. In the case of SEO Company Reviewer (and my “good old friends” at TopSEOs, I can almost guarantee that there is no such review taking place…at all. Zero. Nada. I know that when my former company had participated in TopSEOs program in the past, there was not a single call made to one of our clients to confirm that they (a) worked with us (b) were happy with us or (c) that they were even a real company. Not to mention whether or not my company even “really” existed or had SEO talent on staff.

I don’t know the affiliation (yet) but the CEO of Algoritz (an Indian-based SEO firm) is definitely involved. Easy enough, when you review the “top anchor text” for the backlinks to this “unbiased review” of “top SEO companies”. Many of the links to SEOCompanyReviewer have the anchor text “algoritz”.

These are coming by way of 301 redirect of algoritz.us. Check out the Who Is on this domain:

Now, if this weren’t enough (don’t think I’d trust this guy to review SEO for me), just look at the rest of the backlink profile for SEOCompanyReviewer:

If this were a prospect of mine, I would be telling them to get ready to be penalized.

Yet…Google has this ranking #3 for “search engine optimization companies” (according to my results, as of September 27, 2013…right after Google went public with their new “bad ass” algorithm called Hummingbird).

And, not to leave Bing out of the discussion, they have their OWN “bad” result…”TopSEOPicks.com”. Check out THEIR backlink profile:

It’s no wonder why people don’t trust SEO (as an Industry). Google and Bing are ranking the stuff that they say should be penalized. We (the “good guy” SEOs) keep saying that you “can’t do this” (and we have seen penalties and know this to be true), but when the common person is searching for “search engine optimization companies”, you would think that after all of these years (and especially with the new “bad ass” algorithm) you would not have this kinda crap surfacing and causing headaches for those of us who actually do work hard for a living and try to direct webmasters/business owners/marketing directors into the “right way” to do SEO/market a business via digital channels.

This is why is really irks me even more with Google’s recent decision to withhold keyword data from us. WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS. WE ARE TRYING TO HELP YOU/EVERYONE build a better web. It’s these jerks (see above) that are ruining it for us. But, YOU ARE REWARDING THEM!!!!
Okay…that’s my rant for the week.

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  1. A DA of 82 too! Even the analytical tools giving off wrong signals 🙂

  2. This information really I do not know much about the importance of it, but I think many people will enjoy reading it.

  3. Paul Mackins

    It is washed away by Google!

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    Deliberate ploy to discredit SEO as an industry by Google.

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