Receiving Our First Cool Analog Spam

Most everyone is used to getting junk mail and a metric ton of email spam, but today at the Vizion offices we received our first unsolicited physical letter airmailed all the way from India. Addressed to “The Chairman, Vizion Interactive, Inc.” from our new friend Kishan Jalan in Jharkhand.
He was kind enough to send us a couple of flyers to hang in the high traffic areas of the office relating to the “true & best education” relating to saving women and “innocents” from wrong education.

We’re not quite clear on what the “wrong education” is and what the “right education” is – the english portions of our new poster are choppy at best, but in theory it seems like a good cause. Whitney Houston told us a while back that the “children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way” who are we at Vizion to disagree?

Until next time – “Only Satyug” to save the children and innocents,