Remarketing AdWords Tips: Beginner 101

remarketing adwords

Forget first impressions with Google remarketing, you have more than one chance to grab attention and cinch a sale. If youre new to Google AdWords remarketing (now just Google Ads remarketing), you have a world of potential to discover. Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to optimize the results of your paid advertising efforts. Google AdWords remarketing repeats your brands message to users who have visited your site in the recent past. This gives you multiple opportunities to turn leads into conversions. Learn the basics of this powerful tool through this Beginner 101 guide.

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing, or retargeting, is a hot trend among pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers. It is the act of displaying tailored advertisements to an audience that has previously clicked on your landing pages or visited your website. In essence, youre marketing to the same users again. Remarketing in general is a smart tactic for brands that want to maximize visibility and optimize the success of their paid advertising campaigns. Remarketing Google AdWords campaigns take this marketing strategy to the next level.

Remarketing AdWords places paid Google advertisements in front of warm leads who have already shown an interest in your site, products, or services. By targeting site visitors who are already past the first stage in the buyer journey, you greatly increase the odds of the advertisements audience becoming customers or taking the desired action on your site. Instead of relying on your brands first impression alone to close conversions, Google remarketing gives you multiple opportunities to attract attention and get click-throughs.

Get Started With Google AdWords

You must first advertise on Google before you can engage in AdWords remarketing. Google AdWords uses a PPC campaign setup, meaning you only pay for the advertisement when a user clicks on it. PPC advertising can help you keep costs down while still achieving measurable marketing results. You can create a PPC Google advertisement based on any budget and marketing goal.

To start with AdWords, simply create a Google AdWords account, use free tools such as the Google Keyword Planner to inform your strategy, create an advertisement, and bid on keywords to get your ad to appear in front of the right audience during search queries. Once you have your ad up and running, you can move on to tackle AdWords remarketing.

Launch an AdWords Remarketing Campaign

AdWords remarketing is most suitable for companies that already get a lot of website traffic. If youre using an AdWords campaign to attract more visitors to your website, you might want to wait until you achieve higher traffic metrics to invest in remarketing. Otherwise, you could spend money to remarket to users your website isnt getting to begin with. Only take the time and effort to set up an AdWords remarketing strategy if your website is already getting steady traffic and your goal is increasing conversions.

Once you launch an advertisement on Google, add a “tag” or “pixel” to your site to accomplish AdWords remarketing. Tags are pieces of Google remarketing code you add to your website. Generate your special code within Google Analytics. In Google Analytics, select the Admin option from the left-hand menu (the one with the cog icon). Select Audience Definitions from the center menu on this page, then click Audiences > New Audience. Name your audience list, choose the profile to use, and customize your remarketing strategy. This enables the remarketing features in this platform.

You can also set up Google remarketing through AdWords. Sign into your AdWords account and select the Campaign tab. Then, click Shared Library from the menu on the left. Select Audiences > Set up remarketing > View AdWords tag for websites. Copy the remarketing tag code that appears. Then, paste this code at the bottom of all the pages on your website (right before your closing tag). Save and publish your changes. If you arent familiar with website coding, trust a professional to add remarketing code for you. 

Use Pro Tips to Optimize Results

It isnt enough to simply start remarketing. To enjoy real, measurable returns on investment (ROI) for Google remarketing, you have to take certain additional steps according to proven tips and best practices. Luckily, marketers before you have done the hard work and recorded the results from trial-and-error with AdWords remarketing. The following are a few top tips for making remarketing AdWords campaigns work for you:

  1. Choose the right offer for your audience. Different users will react best to different advertisements based on their position in the sales funnel. Carefully select the ideal offer to put in front of a user based on his or her past interactions with your brand. If someone has already visited a specific landing page, for instance, an appropriate remarketing ad might include a hard offer for what was on the page.
  2. Use AdWords features. Google AdWords comes with plenty of special features that can help you optimize your remarketing strategy. Standard remarketing targets users who are browsing sites on the Display Network, while dynamic remarketing includes specific products/services users viewed on your website. Customize your settings to remarket lists for search ads, remarket to people who have watched your videos, or remarket according to customer contact information.
  3. Create unique marketing content. Unlike a traditional PPC campaign, remarketing takes a more original approach to advertising. Since the audience that will see your remarketing ad is already familiar with your brand and/or product, the ad should rely more on familiarity than disruption to get leads. Create unique AdWords ads just for remarketing rather than reusing the same ads the audience has seen before. This strategy will work better to catch users’ eyes during a second or subsequent encounter with your brand.

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