Reward your Affiliates!

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It is not hard to understand that those who are incentivized are those who are likely to perform at a higher level. At the basic level of an affiliate program, if people send you traffic/leads they are paid for their efforts. With that in mind, those who are paid more will likely provide you more traffic/leads.

There are multiple ways to reward your affiliates. This can be done by monetarily rewarding top performers, holding top performing affiliate contests, or rewarding exceptional lead generators with heightened commission rates. Regardless of your method you are most likely to pad your pockets in return as you watch an increased amount of leads flow in, all due to your newly motivated work force.

Rewarding your affiliates does more for your affiliate marketing program besides making you feel like a nice person. It defines the affiliates who have the potential and will to work hard for your products. Another benefit of rewarding affiliates is that it builds communication and a more personal relationship with your top performers.

While you may have many different affiliates promoting the same products, no two affiliates are alike. Considering this, affiliates in most cases prefer to be rewarded in different ways. An average affiliate generating leads for products solely for a little side cash will probably be elated at the digital camera they earned for their over-the-top promotion of your product. The super-affiliate, on the other hand, that generates a large amount of traffic for your site as well as many, many other publishers would be more accustom to receiving a slightly larger commission rate than a Nintendo. With this, you are able to reward future lead generation potential than shelling out cash out of your pocket at the present time.

This should be kept in mind if you run top performer contests by creating advertiser tiers so that “Joe the affiliate” is not competing with a super-affiliate, and a super-affiliate is not receiving a digital camera for devoting effort in promoting your products.

Regardless of how you decide to reward your affiliates, incentivizing your affiliate advertisers will help you to identify your top performers, build strong relationships, and bring you more leads.