SEO Request for Proposal (RFP) Example Template

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In my push towards helping to create some standards, demystify Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and help more and more people get SEO into their marketing budgets, I developed a free SEO RFP template and guide for those seeking Search Engine Optimization Services. So, if you’re looking for help on how to write an SEO RFP Template, we’ve got you covered. This project started over 12 years ago and continues to be regularly updated. As you might imagine, a lot has changed since then, and so I’ve updated the SEO RFP Template to account for things that you should be considering, today.

The RFP template is broken into sections that go through various aspects of what an SEO agency is going to need to be able to respond to your RFP. A summary of the sections is as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Your company Information
  3. Goals / Measurement
  4. Level of Investment
  5. Determining the Opportunity
  6. Scoping the Opportunity
  7. Linking Initiatives

Each section in the SEO RFP will allow the responding agency to have a well-rounded picture of your company, where it’s positioned in your industry, and what you’re looking to achieve. I’m hoping this SEO RFP template will help get you started and make your SEO program a roaring success.

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Questions You Should Ask When Evaluating an SEO Agency

How do you create an SEO strategy?
Once we’ve gone through the onboarding process and completed our SEO audits, we will have a good understanding of the current state of your site, as it relates to SEO performance, capabilities, and opportunities. We will then create a custom SEO Strategy that usually includes:

  • Technical SEO recommendations to ensure your site is fast and allows the search engines to find all the content.
  • Optimization of existing content, sometimes some small adjustments can fine tune a page and improve its SEO performance.
  • Creation of new content, to attract organic traffic and fill in the gaps and help you catch up to the leaders in your industry.
  • Linking recommendations to prioritize your most important content and ensure search engines have a clear understanding of the structure of your website.

How do you do keyword research?
We use the keywords you shared in the SEO RFP, our suite of SEO tools, and if available, Google Ads keyword performance to understand your overall visibility and find topics and keywords where you can win. We present the research to you, so we can refine the list, then track rankings and report results to you in our monthly SEO performance reports.

Will I get experienced staff assigned to my account?
One thing that sets us apart is that our SEO consultants have over 20 years of experience each. They worked on websites in a variety of industries and have seen and been through all the various algorithm changes. This allows us to present tried and tested SEO recommendations that we know work.

Do you offshore/outsource SEO work?
The Vizion management team and the SEO consultants assigned to your account are all based in the United States. If you indicate in the SEO RFP that you have an international presence, we can offer International SEO Services, in which case, we will have people in those regions that are native speakers working on your account.

Do you have any content creation services?
Yes, we can provide them as part of the SEO RFP response, or you can add them later with an addendum. We’ll work with you to get alignment on a writers template and a brief to help our writers generate the content. It then goes through an editorial/QA process, along with a review by our SEO consultants before it’s sent to you for review and approval.

Do you offer website design or redesign services?
Yes, we’ve done many site updates and redesigns, in partnership with a web design firm that will be a good fit for you. We’ve worked with a select group of web design firms for over 10 years and we think of them as an extension of our SEO team. We’re fully transparent and give you the option of working with them directly, or you can opt to just go through us to simplify communication for you.

Can you manage my Google local listings?
Yes, we have a Local Listing Management service that naturally goes together with website SEO services, especially for retail or companies where a customer visit to your location is important. Please be sure to mention this as well as the number of locations in the SEO RFP, as we will need work with one of our platform providers to get pricing together.

How do you work with other agencies/vendors?
We work well with other teams, whether they’re internal or external to your company. Our goal is to be another one of your teams that’s supporting your marketing strategy and business goals. Client happiness is one of our core tenets, so if you succeed, we succeed.

Can you share any case studies?
Yes, we have a number of SEO case studies on our website, but will also be happy to share additional insights with you about these or other unpublished case studies we have available.

At Vizion Interactive, we have the expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to get results and keep clients happy! Learn more about how our SEO Audits, Local Listing Management, Website Redesign Consulting, and B2B digital marketing services can increase sales and boost your ROI. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what our clients have to say, along with our case studies.