Search Engine Optimization Tip 27: Expand Your Best Website Content

This is search engine optimization tip number twenty seven in our continuing series of Search Engine Optimization tips. Remember that all our search engine optimization tips in this series are meant to be pretty specific in nature, they should not take that long to review, and are “short and sweet” and directly to the point. This SEO tip has to do with looking back at your website statistics and looking at your web site’s history to see which content is best. Just like a hot air balloon, you need to put more hot air into it. Take the best content (the warmest air you can find) and add it to expand your website content.

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When it comes to adding more content on your web site, let’s remember that we do not need to actually reinvent the wheel. Hopefully, by now, your website has been up and running for quite some time. Take a look back at your website statistics and look at its history.

Take a look at the past year or even the past few years (if you have that amount of data) and look to see which web pages and which content on your site has received the most pageviews. Look so see which articles, which specific products, or which topics have been more popular. I would bet that there are a few pages on your site that have inherently done better over time.

Monthly Web StatsHow to Find your Best Content

Most likely, the best way to find your best content, like I’ve mentioned, is to look at your web stats. In the case of the photo I’ve provided here, there appears to be a large spike in search engine traffic around the month of August last year. So, the way to find your best content is to look more into what was happening in August. Look at the most popular pages in August. Maybe it was one page on your website. Perhaps you were adding more content to your site. Perhaps you made a lot of blog posts. In any case, figure out “what worked” and expand on it.

In the case of the twenty six search engine optimization tips so far, it turns out that the first tip, the SEO Title Tag tip and the Fix Duplicate Content SEO tip have been pretty popular. So, in the future, I plan on talking more about those particular tips. I know that there’s only so much you can say about a web page’s title tag, but certainly a review (or an update) of that search engine optimization tip is warranted. I will also take a look at the duplicate content SEO tip, especially because there is a recent updated related to it: the new Canonical Tag, which attempts to address the indexing of duplicate content on the web by the search engines.

What if you don’t have articles on your site? What if you sell products?

Certainly if you are an ecommerce business and sell products (or services) there are few things you can do. Look at the history of your web site (through your web stats) to see which products have been more successful over time. You look at the number of pageviews. There might be one or two products that stand out from the rest: make sure that you’re making the best of it. If the “red widget” has more pageviews and traffic, figure out why. Then, if the “red widget” is not selling as well as you would expect, then figure out why: is it the price? is it the photos of the product? Perhaps there are things you can do to make more sales?

Another option would be to expand further on your best products or services: if there is a demand for the product or service and you have traffic to that page on your site, then would it make sense to buy another domain name (e.g., and create a separate website about that product? If the “widgets” are popular, then would it make sense to make a new website that sells the red, blue, green and aqua colored widgets?
Also, consider expanding the content around your most popular products, most popular services. Create pages about that product. Take photos or add a photo gallery to the site about that product. Write or hire a writer to write articles about the product. Post those articles on your own site and consider writing more articles about the product and having those unique articles posted on your industry trade sites or other sites that would accept the articles.

I could go on and on with more ideas about how you can expand on your current site content. The possibilities are nearly endless. But, the most important tip here is to remember to look at what has worked well in the past. Don’t reinvent the wheel. If something simply “works” and brings in the most traffic to your site, then add more content around that topic or around that product or service.

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