A Search Marketer’s Thanksgiving: 10 Reasons to Give Thanks

Preparations are underway for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. The name of the game this time of year is multitasking. So while organizing the menu and the shopping list for turkey day, I took a moment to consider some of the best things in my personal and work life. Here are 10 things that I most thankful for this year in the world of search with a bit of inspiration from my menu:

  1. Appetizers — Cheers to the engines for giving marketers ongoing peeks at data designed to whet our appetite. This includes Google’s keyword research tool, query data and +1 metrics.
  2. Fresh ingredients — We’re all seeing Google results that favor fresh content and most frequent channels. Here’s your cue to bring forward content in channels of recency such as blogs, news and social media. Companies who have previously dabbled in this arena should look at this as an imperative to refocus their strategy.
  3. Useful tools and gadgets — Webmaster tools are at the top of my list and some of my go-to tools at the moment are the Screaming Frog Spider and SEMRush.
  4. Meaty content — With the advent of Googles’ Panda update and the downgrading of content farms and thin content, there is added incentive for marketers and site owners to make a commitment to fresh, compelling content and a multi-channel strategy
  5. Stuffing – Analytics … boy this can really add on the pounds. There’s a wealth of data available in today’s analytics tools. Data overload can leave you with that too full feeling and desire to unbutton your pants. It’s worth the time to develop KPIs, dashboards and alerts to watch numbers with meaning.
  6. Seasoning — The growth of search industry including best practices, metrics and growing budgets. All these serve to highlight the value of well-rounded, experienced marketers who can deliver measurable results.
  7. Side dishes — mobile and local provide very appealing areas for growth. As our audiences move away from the desktop and rising percentage of searches contain local components, this is an area we cannot ignore.
  8. Bread — Personalization adds a buttery, flaky layer to every thing we do. As the engines gather even deeper data about each user’s search history and preferences as marketers our reaction can only be to learn more about our visitors and customers and develop personalized content that truly meets their needs.
  9. Wine — Just like wine, the vintage of your site must be impeccable with clean backlinks and solid authority that grows at a steady pace.
  10. Dessert — For a sweet finish there’s the crop of social influencer measurement tools. Tools such as Klout, Edelman’sTweetLevel and TwentyFeet give us some metrics to shoot at in this arena. Social influence is a young metric and these pioneers are both feeding our egos as well as leading the way toward defining the value of social actions.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Search Marketer’s Thanksgiving: 10 Reasons to Give Thanks” Comments

  1. Natalie Revell

    Love the meat of this post and the seasoning of the holiday. Great tie in's and very informative!

  2. I love te way the article is written, comparing marketing online/tools to food and menus is such a wonderful and clear describing manner to do so…I find it brilliant..thanks for sharing

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