SES Chicago 2012 Day 2 Recap

Sesconference  Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 2 minutes

It was another informative day here at SES Chicago! Below are some highlights from tracks that I attended today.

Building A Massive Customer Base Through Content Driven SEO

Evan Bailyn -First Page Sage

You can either push traffic from another site to your site or pull traffic to your site because your site has compelling content for search engines and people.

Have the “nuclear football” This is defined as Engaging content + links + PR.

Create great niche content, tell bloggers, webmasters and press about it. Google loves links and social sharing.

Engaging content can be that which is interesting to a mass of people, fascinating images or clever commentary.

Link out to other sites.
How to gain links to your site.

-Systematic outreach to webmasters, bloggers and journalists.
-Find category experts and “tastemakers” through twitter, industry blogs conference speakers lists and real time search engines like Topsy.
-Ask people you know to link to your website.
-Share on social media, but always remember to comment and pose questions, not just post the article.
Conversion Optimization
-Make Navigation easy, design for speed and simplicity, menu bar at the top with Services, About Us to the right.
-Establish trust, display logos have from press, clients, awards. Link to articles, post pictures and bios of the team.

Tell the company story and add video testimonials.

Discuss your Audiences Specific Needs

-What are they, how can you satisfy them. How are you experienced in each sub-need your audience has.

Use Videos and Picture

-Show happy customers, this can establish trust.

GEO-rankings: An SEO KPI Game Changer

Matt Roberts -Linkdex

69% of the time if you rank in the top 30 it will not be consistent in other GEO areas.
When location is not set the avg. keyword ranking deviates by four positions.
Know whether your market is effected by these variances. Know where you rank.
Benchmark were you rank in the locations you do business.

Matthew Bailey Site Logic Marketing

Obstacles to ranking measurement


Screw Linkbuilding it’s Called Relationship Building

Erin Everhart-325 Media Group

Your job as an SEO is to make it look like you don’t exist. Your efforts should not be explicit.

Stop beating tactics to death just because they work.

Searching for link sources tip, use Linkedin and search for companies that are topically relevant to where you want to guest blog. Ex. Desiring to guest blog on a food site, search for food blogs to find those who are owners of these types of sites. Another tip, find those pinning your content on Pinterest and give them more to promote.

Begin building relationships on Twitter.

Once you have followed them and engaged with them, then send an email. Make the email noticeable and personable. Also, keep it short.
Show you audience and community that you really care. These efforts generate links.

Ask people questions. This generates engagement and shares.

Give people things.
Provide free knowledge.
Do interviews with local newspapers.
Help student organizations.
Sponsor local events/Do stuff offline.