SES Chicago 2012 Day 3 Recap

It was another great day at SES as the conference drew to a close. With leaving early to catch a flight and speaking in one of the sessions, it left me with only two sessions of recap for today. There was still some pretty good info to be heard though. Enjoy!

Integrated Marketing: What Does it Really Mean?
Panel Session
Lee Odden -TopRank Online Marketing
Giovanni Rodriguez -SocialxDesign
Todd Friesen -Salesforce
What are the key issues?
TF: We are struggling with the fact that Search and Social team are not the same. These teams have to work together. 
Spend a lot of time coordinating together. 
LO:There has been a lot of change in Search and Social in the last few years. The integration of these two areas is a struggle today. Many organizations have trouble with bridging these. Focusing on the consumer journey will help an organization pull Integrate Marketing together. 
GR: The CMO is an increasingly important role in organizations. We can tell they are given more of a say in companies as Integrated Marketing is becoming more important. Companies are trying to adjust to Search and Social and now Mobile.
Monitoring the Customer Journey? 
LO: Understanding what your customers want and their needs you can understand how to market to them.
You can make your message present and relevant in many channels based on what your customers want.
It doesnt take a lot of resources it takes creative resources. 
How to you make this work in a big company?
TF: It is about making friends with all teams involved. Do lunch and learns, write internal white papers to educate teams. 
GR: Visit seperate offices and meet with everyone. They are holders of data and can let you understand what you need to ask people/consumers in your marketing channels. There can be an overabundance of data and you have to first validate it and then understand how it can work together. 
TF: Using tools like Radian6 help you to understand what people are saying about you, what they are asking.This lets you know more about your customers. 
What is the role of Search?
LO: Have content such as FAQ and optimize News. Anyone who is creating content, it can be optimized for discovery in Search. 
TF: Use the keywords you use in search in your other channels, even radio and TV.
GR: It is about the sentiment you take from your audience. 
Where does Twitter come into the mix?
LO: Where do the different touch points interact. This will help you see what will work in Search and what will work in Twitter. 
GR: Think about users as networks. They can become your influencers. Think about their intent but also those who have influence. 
TF: Only go where it makes sense for your business. Don’t use a channel if it doesn’t mix with your organization.Don’t get hung up on trying to be eveyrwhere. Find people that are connected to you and don’t worry about the rest. 
Leveraging Twitter and Facebook Ads
Justin Freid, -TPG
Paid Social is the catalyst. It helps create a base for engagement and visibility. 
Twitter advertising helps to get past limited reach and amplify your reach.
Twitter is cool because you can target users that are likely to accept your message and become an influencer. 
Where can Paid Social fit? It can help linkbuilding and content marketing. It can also help signals to engines to enhance Search.
Put your content in front of those who will prefer it and it will resonate with. Start molding your content and message once you begin to understand the demographic that is promoting your content. 
Don’t ask people to retweet your message. Let them do it if they like the message. 
Find like profiles and advertise to their followers. 
The snowball effect of Paid Social: 
The ball starts small and begins to grow. As the ball rolls it gets bigger and will grow even if the Paid campaign is stopped. Once again, it is a great catalyst. 
If you don’t understand your audience you paying to display a message to those who will not accept it.
Don’t waste your money. 
The more content you advertise the more opportunity you have to gain links to it. 
Merry Morud -aimClear
Facebook Advertising is important because you can get in front of millions of people and there is no CPM.
Think about how your ad will display. Be mindful of image and text correlation and character capacity. 
Promote content to media Pros 
Success here can result in interviews, new friends/likes.
Think of Facebook community as a large email remarketing list. 
One downfall of Facebook Advertising is there is no account structure like there is in Adwords. 
It may not work for a message no one wants to talk about. A campaign to promote hemorrhoid cream will likely not work because people don’t want to like or share this type of stuff.
Target visibility with profile data such as what someone likes, where they work, occupational title.  

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