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Worldwide, more than 2.2 billion people are active monthly social media users. Businesses that use social media correctly can tap into this enormous market and increase brand visibility, spread organic awareness, gather new leads, and optimize conversion rates. Juggling multiple social media accounts, SEO best practices, and strict social schedules, however, can feel more like managing a circus than a marketing strategy. The answer? Implementing the right social media management tools.

Social media management tools exist to make a marketers job much easier. They remove the burden of social media marketing from an advertisers shoulders, maximizing returns on investment (ROI) without needing micromanagement. They streamline processes, organize campaigns, eliminate unnecessary steps, and make marketing more effective all-around. Choose the tool thats right for you from this list of top options, all handpicked by the social media marketing experts at Vizion Interactive.


Hootsuite is great for everyone, from beginners to social media marketing veterans. Their slew of social media management tools can adapt to fit any need and marketing strategy. The free plan helps users manage multiple accounts, schedule content delivery across platforms, and better engage with the desired audience. It’s an all-in-one social media management solution that permits users to connect up to three social profiles. Upgrades with more profiles are available in paid versions.

One of the most attractive features through Hootsuite is the online help center. Get the answers you need to pressing questions 24/7 through the platforms help center and a community forum. Hootsuite also offers over 150 apps you can integrate into a custom dashboard many of which are free. Hootsuite not only helps you manage your social media business strategy, but also develop the skills you need to boost your digital presence for the long run.


eClincher is a best in classsocial media management tool that has gained a great deal of traction in the last two years. Digital marketing managers recommend eClincher because it boasts comprehensive management features without being overly complex. It has both basic and complex management tools according to the services a marketer requires. Users can schedule auto-posts, combine multiple messaging systems into one social inbox, integrate multiple RSS feeds, create analytics reports, and more.

Through eClincher, social media marketers can discover new influences, use a free image library, shorten URLs for character-limited posts, and benefit from suggested content and curation. There is almost nothing a social media manager cant do through eClincher. For the abundance of services and features, however, users must pay a price. eClincher starts at $49 per month for one user, 15 social profiles, and unlimited posts and reports.


Buffer has withstood the test of time as one of the longest-standing social media management tools on the market. More than 80,000 marketers currently use Buffer to manage their social media strategies. Buffer offers simple tools that help marketing teams manage multiple accounts in one place, preplan posts, analyze performance, and make tweaks to optimize results. Buffer is a great choice for teams who are tackling social media management together, as the administrator of the group can add up to 25 team members to the same Buffer account.

As the owner of the account, you have control over how much or how little access team members have to social media profiles. Creating a smart scheduling strategy through Buffer can help businesses increase their quality social media outputs, beat the competition, stay consistent, cultivate a larger following, and ultimately gain more loyal customers. Its an easy social media management solution that has garnered proven results for existing users. Users can integrate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest through Buffer.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a great platform for a range of social media marketing tools, from analytics to overall management. If youre looking for a simple, self-explanatory social media management tool that has a bunch of built-in features to help marketers master social media, Sprout Social might be the one for you. It has customizable publishing and RSS features, a social inbox, and analytics tools. Note, however, that Sprout Social does not have an Auto Post feature or some of the features other tools offer. The cost for Sprout Social starts at $99 for 10 social profiles.


SocialOomph brings more than just a clever name to the table. This social media management tool allows users to quickly and easily integrate multiple social efforts, schedule posts, and monitor social activities. Its a great choice if youre looking for a free management tool that still has a suite of features. The free, basic SocialOomph package comes chock-full of features across multiple platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, RSS feeds, Plurk, and website blogs.

Features in the free version include scheduled posts, keyword tracker, draft saving, URL shortening, and more. The free version of this tool mainly caters toward Twitter. It performs unique tasks such as allowing account holders to view retweets and mentions, purge tweets without losing followers, and more. With the paid Professional version of SocialOomph, marketers can expand their strategy to encompass a range of other social media platforms and explore beyond basic features.

Vizion Interactives Social Media Marketing Services

Dont know which social media management tool to choose? Consider investing in a team of human experts to handle your entire social media strategy instead. Unlike just a management tool, professional marketing services give you around-the-clock access to a team of people who are dedicated to your brands success. Hiring professionals can help you drive user engagement and increase website traffic through smart social media strategizing.

Vizion Interactive’s social media marketing services are the answer for business owners who want to remove social media tasks from their plates so they can focus on other aspects of the business. We dedicate the time and effort your social media accounts deserve for real results. Our team can create a custom content strategy, measure audience engagement, gain insights into your sales funnel, and create results-driven social media marketing strategies. Vizion Interactive offers much more than just social media management tools we are a comprehensive source of social media expertise. Learn more.

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