Thankfulness Is a Daily Routine

It has now been 12 years since I began Vizion Interactive.

When I was just getting things started, I was so very thankful for ANY piece of business that might help me to advance to the point where I might be able to afford to hire one person. Then, eventually, be able to pay myself.
Those were tough times, but with my wife’s unending support and encouragement and the smile on my  9-month old son’s face, I stayed committed and pushed through.  It wasn’t really until my wife and I received news that we had twins on the way that I pushed my level of determination up to “RED ALERT” level, and the rest – as they say – is history.

Today, my son, Jonathan, is 13 and my twin girls, Macey and Megan, are 10. My wife showed tremendous faith and courage in those years. Now, I feel I can honestly say that I am living the American dream.

Today, Vizion Interactive consists of a full-time team of 12 (and a number of wonderful contractors and partners) and can boast many wonderful clients spanning the Fortune 100 to mom-and-pop operations.

Every day, I try to show my gratitude to them for the opportunity to serve. It is an honor and a privilege that they have entrusted our company with advancing their digital marketing efforts.

This past month, I was able to realize another pipe-dream from a decade ago.  I brought seven of our team members with me for the week long PUBCON in Las Vegas. I feel very blessed to have been able to share this time with the team that I entrust to take care of our clients.

PUBCON represented an opportunity for them to network with others in our field, gain additional knowledge and also allowed us to solidify relationships with team members who we don’t often get to see (we operate virtually, from coast-to-coast). Having a solid team working alongside of me makes all the difference in the world.

I try to show my appreciation and gratitude for my team, every day. I also try to show my love, appreciation and gratitude to my wife, my son, my daughters and my God, every day. I wish I could say that I was “perfect” and managed to do this every – single – day. I’m not perfect. I don’t.

Today, I will be successful.  I express my thanks to all of you who have had a hand in helping me professionally and personally. From my first clients who bet on someone who had ZERO employees or case studies, to my friends who shared encouragement and faith in me, to employees past and present who’ve dealt with a fair share of me “sharing opinions” on projects (A.D.D. is a challenge) and those who have referred business our way.

Thank you for helping me to live “the dream”! And thank you, Cheri, Jonathan, Macey and Megan for allowing me the opportunity to build an agency and for your understanding when I forget to show my appreciation and gratitude.