The Key to Coming Up With Creative Content in 2021

The Key to Coming Up With Creative Content in 2021 Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 3 minutes

A strong SEO strategy should encompass many things, but its heart should be all about content creation. Even if you can boost your site so successfully that it exceeds all your viewership expectations, those views mean nothing if they don’t become conversions. When somebody clicks on a link to a website, they usually do so because they’re looking for something and hoping that what they’re looking for is on the site. If your business gives the appearance of housing some content but fails to deliver, you’ll only be hurting yourself in the long run. That’s why it’s critical to have quality content that will drive conversions from new customers while retaining customer loyalty for those who have already chosen your business in the past. Unfortunately, creating genuine, high-quality content is one of the more challenging parts of improving your SEO strategy.

Why Is Content Creation so Important?

The more relevant, informative content you have, the more likely you will generate quality backlinks from third parties looking to reference or credit said content. These backlinks are, in turn, extremely useful for building your credibility within search engine algorithms. Keywords are also an important component of SEO, as using the right keywords in your content can ensure that your site is shown to the most appropriate context. Writing articles or blog posts provides you with an avenue to include those keywords in an organic way that doesn’t feel artificial or forced to the reader, with no disruption to the customer experience. And finally, content that successfully captures the reader’s attention and provides thorough answers to questions and concerns strengthens the relationship between your business and your viewers, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Powerful Tools to Inspire Content Creation

For your website to be successful, it isn’t enough to populate it with a handful of articles. Evergreen content, which remains relevant long after it’s been written, is an excellent way to invest your resources when launching your website, but it shouldn’t be the only content on your site. However, it can be very time consuming to develop and publish new content with enough consistency to keep your site relevant. Instead of trying to start from scratch with every post, why not take advantage of some of the amazing content creation tools at your disposal today?

One of the best ways to ensure that the posts you’re writing help your site is to center them around strong keywords. The right combination of keywords can inspire a whole host of articles that simultaneously draw in new readers and convert them into customers by giving them the information they want. To successfully apply this strategy, you need a reliable source of keywords, like Answer the Public, which takes basic keywords and generates a collection of suggested searches tied to those keywords in the form of a question. By answering each question in a separate post, you can maximize the usage of those initial keywords and spawn a significant amount of content in the process.

Another helpful tool is Portent’s Title Maker. To start using this tool, supply some basic keywords. These could be a product you sell, a service you provide, a topic your business is focused on, etc. The Title Maker then auto-generates a title centered around those keywords. With the simple click of a button, you can continue to generate as many new titles as you like, or you can try again with a new set of keywords.

Google also offers multiple tools for content creators. Two tools you might find particularly useful are Google Alerts and Google Trends. Google Alerts helps you keep track of what kind of content is currently popular. Fill out what sort of topics you’re interested in, and Alerts will send you high-quality content examples related to that topic regularly. While Alerts focuses more on trending content, Trends is more specific, tracking trending terms instead. Enter a search term or topic to start, and Trends will inform you of the term’s popularity. This can be refined further to show the term’s performance within a specific timeframe or location.

Additional Tools to Supplement Your Content

Beyond simple inspiration, other tools can help improve your site’s quality. After all, written content works best when paired with equally eye-catching visuals. Fortunately, you don’t have to have extensive graphic design experience to develop the perfect images for your content. If you’re looking to share anything discussing data and statistics, multiple tools allow you to easily create infographics, including Venngage and Easelly. Both are free to use and extremely user-friendly, allowing you to transform your data into a professional-looking infographic in a short time.

Finally, if you’re looking for free stock images, there are also plenty of resources available. These images can be inserted throughout your article to help illustrate a point or utilize banners to breathe some life into your site. Places like Pexels and Unsplash offer easily searchable galleries of images available in various sizes to suit your needs.