Three Questions to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Digital Marketing Agency

The world of SEO, SEM, and ROI can make an in-house marketer’s head spin. As these individuals reach out to the world of digital marketing professionals to make their content headaches go away, agencies are presented with the perfect opportunity for new business.

However, if prospective clients get a hint of ineffectiveness, dated information, or results that fall short of their expectations, they will take their business elsewhere. Is your digital marketing agency losing ground to these ideas?

Conduct a self-audit by asking these questions and make sure you can meet the expectations of a growing client base.

What Process Do You Employ to Ensure Your Recommendations Are the Best Thing for Your Brand?

How do you discover changes to the industry, and what steps do you have in place to implement new policies? SEO and SEM are becoming less niche, and in many ways, these ideas are considered basic for business owners. As such, a business is likely to approach a digital marketing agency with some idea of what the current competitive landscape looks like.

Although their ideas may be incorrect, being able to address them and staying abreast of industry trends and innovations is the only way to earn their business. Be prepared with a response to popular questions or ideas about SEO success, and articulate why your recommendations are the best thing for short- and long-term ROI.

How Do You Report on the Success or Failure of the Strategies You Deploy?

Entrepreneurs and CEOs will likely want to know the “How-s” as much as the “Why-s.” Have an answer ready by showing how the strategies you develop function, and be transparent with both successes and failures. Outlining the effectiveness of marketing campaigns can help a business put themselves in the shoes of these success stories, and it may help them feel more comfortable in the recommendations you offer.

Understanding those less-effective initiatives speaks to the level of authority and maturity of a digital marketing agency. A potential client who sees both ends of the spectrum will likely be more comfortable in whatever decision he or she makes. Have all the facts and figures at hand, and be prepared to discuss the efficacy of the programs you deploy.

Can You Describe Three Big Successes Your Team Has Achieved in the Past Six Months?

Along with how you report strategy effectiveness, make sure you’re staying up-to-date on the examples you use. Referring to recent successes keeps a company relevant, let’s the prospect know the agency is current on industry best practices, and gives him or her peace of mind in making a purchasing decision. Have a portfolio ready with examples of effective strategies rolled out in the past six months. When a client asks about the effectiveness of your methods, you’ll be ready with hard facts and clear results.