Tool Review: SEMrush

*From time-to-time it is nice to take a moment and recognize Digital Marketing software/tools that help make our lives easier.

Competitive Analysis is quite possibly one of the most integral elements of creating, planning and measuring a successful Search campaign, be it Paid or Organic. Specifically, gaining an understanding as to what visibility wins a competitor has endured in regard to Organic presence is extremely important. Seeing what visibility a site has attained provides a starting point for your research into how they got there and what you need to do replicate this process. Within the Paid Search realm competitive insight allows you to understand what terms your competition is bidding on and how much they are likely spending to achieve this. This allows you to begin to starting compiling the needed ad groups based on competitor terms as well as an idea of how much you need to start shelling out to make an impact. The greatest part of the fore-mentioned areas…SEMrush can provide all of this insight to you!

It is quite interesting that much of what I previously spoke about was in regard to competitive research. One of my favorite parts of SEMrush is when I use it for my client sites. Call me selfish but there is such a wealth of data that while is it useful to compare myself to a competitor I find myself learning things about my client sites.

These areas I love to review(I am more Organic than Paid):

  • SE Traffic Price:
    Gain an understanding of the value of your/competitor’s Organic visibility.
  • Organic Keywords:
    See what terms you rank for, your previous rank, those term’s search volume, what it would cost to bid on them in Adwords, the ranking page URL and much more.
  • Position Changes:
    Take the above information and get even more granular to assess monthly or daily listing losses, births, improvements and decreases.
  • Competitors:
    Typically I walk into an Organic Search engagement with a fairly precise list of competitors. SEMrush mines the search results to find those sites with the greatest amount of common keywords, i.e., relevancy. I have many times found that my precise list isn’t so precise before being informed by the tool.

The above illustrates the areas I visit multiple times a day. Aside from this, SEMrush is my go-to solution when generating insight and developing visuals in reporting elements for clients. Tool areas such as Charts and Domain vs. Domain provide a great historical insight for client’s as well as their competitors and allow us to see where we both have been.

While I have mentioned quite many areas of SEMrush and how it can be used effectively, there are even more areas to use on the site. In the last few years SEMrush has gone to great strides in developing a Backlinks and Keyword Research section. This helps to show that SEMrush has become a rather well rounded tool. As I mentioned above, I use the tool daily to mine competitor data and also review the progress of my client’s Search campaigns. Astonishingly enough, as much as SEMrush has become the “biggest hammer in my toolbag”, I feel there are still areas of the tool I have not even fully mastered yet. So, without further adoo, and before my digital ink runs out…Kudos SEMrush, keep up the good work!

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