Tool Tip Tuesday: Keyword Research

Life before Google comic

Digital Marketing is ever-changing. That’s why we love it, right? Luckily, so are the tools and resources available to us. In each area of this business, whether it’s email marketing, social media, conversion rate optimization, or any other channel, we’re wise to revisit our usual toolset and review the landscape.

Keyword research is one area that’s abundant with sophisticated free and paid tools. Let’s take a glance at my current favorites.


If you do digital marketing for a living, you’re probably already using SEMrush. This tool is an excellent one-stop resource for gathering mountains of keyword ideas.

While the free version is fun, you’re not taking advantage of the tool’s greatest feature – the sheer volume that you can export. Spring for the paid version if you can swing it.

To get started, input a seed phrase – we’ll use “information age” – into the phrase overview report, and you’re off to the races.

semrush information age
SEMrush Tips

  1. Phrase Match reports are a great way to gather a lot of data. Export the files for each of your seed keywords into Excel and manipulate, filter and prioritize to your heart’s content there.
  2. Domain Overview reports are a great place to start for your own domain AND those of competitors.
  3. The Related Keywords report is incredibly powerful. Use the suggestions that SEMrush provides to find semantically similar phrases that you might be missing.
  4. If you do keyword research regularly, do yourself a favor and learn how to use the API directly. You’ll amass more of the meaningful data you get from the web version, quick. You can use Google Sheets as an interactive interface to the API. Start here to level up your skills.

Keyword Explorer

Chances are, you’ve come across Moz tools more than once with all your digital marketing prowess. But did you know about their new Keyword Explorer tool? Bam!

Keyword Explorer Tips

  1. The fresh new metric, Potential, is a beautiful thing. It combines all other metrics to help determine, well, potential. In their words, “Higher potential represents a sweet spot of higher volume and opportunity with lower difficulty.” Sweet spots FTW.
  2. Don’t miss the SERP analysis. If you click into the full analysis it identifies and explains SERP features presently at play for a given query. Nice work, Moz.

KW explorer SERP analysis

Would you look at that! There is a Featured Snippet and a Related Question at play in the search results for this phrase. Let’s check it out.

Yup. Featured Snippet.
featured snippet information age
Yup. Related Questions.
Nice work, Moz.

Answer the Public

It’s not all about raw volume and competitive data. Well, okay, it mostly is. When it comes to actually writing meaningful content we need to look away from the spreadsheets and identify a unique angle or answer a question. Enter
question-visualization-iaI know this screenshot is hard to read. Head on over to the tool, meet the inpatient bearded fellow and do your own query for the full experience.

How has the information age changed our lives? Good question.
Life before Google comic
Answer the Public is a great resource for your editorial team to build out content that addresses user interest.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Tool Tip Tuesday! Let us know your favorite keyword research tools in the comments below to join the discussion.
Happy optimizing!