Top 10 Reasons to Work With Vizion Interactive

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Interviewer: Hello, and welcome to the next show. We’re gonna beat this kick off tonight with the top 10 list on why you should hire Vizion Interactive. And to present all this is a guy who needs no introduction, well I guess in case you don’t know him,, is Joshua Titsworth from Vizion. Joshua, come on up.

Joshua: Right here. Okay.

Interviewer: That’s right, you’re right there. All right. Let’s get things started with number 10.

Joshua: We’re a company that knows when you’re successful, we’re successful.

Interviewer: Well, I mean that’s just a good company, you know, that doesn’t only focus on their success but make sure the client is successful. That’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great. Number nine.

Joshua: The more clients we have, the nicer restaurants we can treat them to for our annual dinners. And that would include you if you can make it. If not, we’ll be sending you Instagram photos of the food.

Interviewer: Who doesn’t like nice food? I mean, I like nice food, so, I mean, that’s a great point, great point gotta say. Number eight.

Joshua: Your assigned account rep is also the person doing the work and they collaborate with the entire company.

Interviewer: That is something. And that you know the rep that you’re talking to is also doing the work, and working with the entire company to make sure that the client is doing well. That’s fantastic, fantastic. Number seven.

Joshua: You learn that vision can be spelled with a Z.

Interviewer: Well, I’ll tell you that’s gonna mad to spell Vizion with a Z instead an S. I mean, who would have thought about doing something like that.

Man: Now with the Z instead of an S. A Z instead of an S? Come on. I mean, that’s got to be crazy to keep those in line.

Interviewer: Number six.

Joshua: We’ve worked in search for so long our founder still has his Lycos Beach Towel.

Interviewer: Lycos, that is a… That is a long time, isn’t it? Yeah, it is. Do we have… Wait, let’s get a picture. Do we have a photo of the founder? Could we get a photo? Let’s get the photo up there.

Joshua: Yeah, yeah. Look at this guy. Yeah. Wow.

Interviewer: Wow. That is a guy who looks like he’s put a lot of time on the beach.

Man: Looks like he’s been on the beach since Lycos came out.

Interviewer: All right. Number five.

Joshua: You’ll be one of the reasons our team has actually get dressed every day when we have video meetings.

Interviewer: I get dressed every day but, I mean, I guess you work from home like Vizion does, you know. You may slush here and there, but it’s nice to know that the clients, you know, help them get focused and get up in the morning and start the day just right.

Man: I’m dressed every day. Shower, coffee. I just get it all done.

Interviewer: Number four.

Joshua: We monitor Google’s algorithm closer than the government does your data, and we’re also more more transparent.

Interviewer: Well, I gotta tell you. That is something, something, being more transparent than the government is. That’s just crazy. You know I wonder if these guys know more about the moon landing and any of us.

Man: That is scary that they’re more responsible than the government.

Interviewer: Number three.

Joshua: We are so devoted to your happiness as a client we hired someone to pay attention to it closer than your grandmother, who like her will also send you goodies in mail for birthdays, work anniversaries, and other occasions.

Interviewer: That is a bold statement, bold. More than your grandmother, I gotta tell you what, I should… You know what? I need to call my grandma, that’s what I should do. I need to call my grandmother and then ask her how she’s doing. But before that, number two. Number two.

Joshua: We build custom reporting to fit your specific needs, and give you access so you can review it and share it whenever you want.

Interviewer: So these guys have the experience, they make sure you’re okay, and then they give the reporting your way. What are these guys? Burger King or digital marketing? I just… Oh, man.

Man: Oh, man. I love a good Burger King. I like the sauce, the cheese, all of it ,man. And that’s you know having the reporting like that, you can’t, you can’t beat that. You can’t beat that. I’m telling you.

Interviewer: Number one. Number one.

Joshua: You get to work with a company that asked one of their employees to make a top 10 video and this isn’t even close to the most embarrassing thing he’s done.

Interviewer: Gotta know what else this guy has done if this isn’t the most embarrassing thing he’s done.

Man: I don’t know if I wanna see that video either. If he’s doing this. that’s gonna be some crazy weird dude.

Joshua: Can I go home early now?

Interviewer: No, you still have more work to do. But, thanks. Thank you for tuning in, we appreciate you guys for watching and hopefully we’ll be hearing from you guys very soon. Have a good evening.