Top Content Marketing Conferences for 2020

Top Content Marketing Conferences for 2020 Vizion Interactive Reading Time: 3 minutes

As a marketer, you know the importance of staying up to date on all the changes the digital marketing world, particularly with the new slate of trends, schematics, and tools already surfacing in the new year. Marketing will remain a highly variable undertaking in 2020. The only question is, how are you going to access the content marketing insights you’ll need to keep up with the competition?

Why Choose a Conference?

With all the opportunities available to you in the digital age, it’s easy to gain insights and opinions from countless sources across the web. Simply search for the type of content marketing insights you need, and you’ll likely be confronted with a wealth of podcasts, tutorials, infographics, videos, articles and more.

However, there’s just no substitute for a great content marketing conference. For starters, the insights you’ll find there far outstrips what most of us could even begin to search for online – and they’re all presented in a live format that’s not easily replicated, even with podcasts and videos. What’s more, the sheer networking potential provided by conferences filled with speakers, presenters and attendees from all over the industry allows you an unmatched opportunity to solidify your reputation and build a strong network of individuals that can provide you with partnerships and growth opportunities you wouldn’t experience elsewhere.

Top Conferences in 2020

While all marketing conferences are likely to provide beneficial information and networking opportunities, if you’re a content marketer, it’s preferable to find a conference that builds on that very specific set of skills. This list of top content marketing conferences for 2020 showcases a group of exciting events across North America:

  1. Content Marketing World Conference and Expo – October 16 – 20, Cleveland, Ohio

    This conference tops our list for a reason – it’s the single largest content marketing conference in the world, and the Cleveland summit is the flagship event, boasting attendees from power brands like Microsoft, Discover, and Marriott. Within these four content-packed days, you can expect to gain valuable insights into team-building, discover new and advanced systems, and streamline your workflow. Better yet, the networking potential for this conference is off the charts, with expected attendance of over 4,000 dedicated content marketers from over 60 countries.

    Content Marketing World hosts 125 and counting workshops and sessions as the list of key brand marketers continues to expand. Overall, the 2019 conference hosted over 225 speakers, each with valuable insights geared specifically towards content marketing. This year’s keynote list includes Mindy Kaling, Henry Rollins, and Nilla Ali.

  2. C3 2020 – May 11 – 13, New York City

    Hosted by Conductor, the C3 2020 Conference promises to deliver some of the most forward-thinking strategists in the content marketing and SEO worlds. This conference melds two of the most important disciplines in the digital marketing spectrum, allowing attendees the unique opportunity to garner insights into multiple channels at one dedicated event. Over three days, C3 2020 offers a vast potential for networking with 700-plus marketers already slated to attend.

    This year, the conference showcases 30 keynote sessions and growing, as more industry experts commit to speaking. Join marketing giants like Visa, ESPN, Logitech, and StubHub in attending presentations and workshops from other industry experts like SearchLab and GSK. Expected keynotes for 2020 include Ann Handley, Chief Marketing Officer for MarketingProfs; Ross Simmons, Digital Marketing Specialist for Foundation Marketing; and John Shehata, VP of Audience Development Strategy for Condé Nast.

  3. Call to Action Conference – September 29 – October 1, Vancouver

    Hosted by Unbounce, a respected landing page building platform, the Call to Action Conference focuses on content marketing – including the highly important practice of formulating a call to action, as you may have guessed. The 2019 conference hosted upwards of 1,000 marketers from across North America as well as other countries around the globe and offered a unique networking experience in one of Canada’s tech hubs. With over twenty keynotes and a prescribed track of sessions featuring actionable content, this conference offers a firm basis for the most essential core elements of content marketing.

    This year’s slate of speakers is yet to be announced, but you can get a great picture of what to expect by visiting the CTA site. There, you can video of all sessions, including the entire slide deck from each presentation. 2019 hosted speakers like Ross Simmonds, Larry Kim and and Nadya Khoja, and 2020 promises a similarly diverse group of experts.

While the official list of digital marketing conferences continues to grow, these three content marketing focused conferences promise some of the most valuable insights in the business this year. We recommend making time to attend at least one conference to add more techniques to your content marketing arsenal as well as for the unbeatable networking potential.

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