Top Social Media Marketing Conferences in 2020

Top Social Media Marketing Conferences in 2020 Vizion Interactive

Social media marketing is a staple of modern digital marketing. Virtually everyone has some kind of social media presence, and sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can provide stellar opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences. Like any other type of digital marketing, social media marketing requires keeping pace with the latest digital trends, consumer habits, and social media feature updates. One of the best ways your brand can keep track of the latest news in social media marketing is by participating in social media marketing conferences.

Social media marketing conferences offer your brand the unique opportunity to learn from thought leaders and marketing experts covering pretty much every active consumer industry with a social media presence. Participate in learning courses and workshops, network with potential business partners and service providers, learn more about the current state of the social media sphere, and increase your brand awareness by attending some of the following upcoming social media marketing conferences in 2020. Take a look at some of the upcoming social media marketing conferences on this list and start making plans for your marketing team to participate in those that seem most relevant to your business goals and brand identity.

Social Media Marketing World

One of the earliest social media marketing conferences you can attend in 2020 is the Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego, California, which runs from March 1 – 3. Your team can hear from speakers in the social media world from sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Your team will also have the chance to meet with social media marketing gurus working in various industries, opening lots of doors for possible business connections. An All-Access Pass will cost around $1,250 per attendee, but you can register a basic Community Pass or Virtual Pass for less than $500.


Known for years as one of the best places for business leaders to promote their brands to the leading professionals across various industries, the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference covers much more than just social media marketing. Held in Austin, Texas from March 13 – 22, this event covers a lot of valuable and interesting topics perfect for any social media marketing team to glean valuable insights from industry leaders. A Platinum Badge will function as your all-access pass to the entirety of the event and cost about $1,500. The SXSW EDU Badge is more modestly priced at about $500 but still affords access to all keynotes and live speakers as well as more than 400 workshops and learning opportunities, book signings, and networking opportunities.

Digital Sales and Marketing World

If you are interested in attending a confluence of marketing, sales, and business leadership discussions this year, Digital Sales and Marketing World is a two-day event your team won’t want to miss. Hosted by IMPACT in Hartford, Connecticut from April 5 – 7, Digital Sales and Marketing World offers robust learning opportunities for business leadership teams, sales teams, and marketing teams with a variety of live keynotes, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities. The VIP Experience will cost about $1,100 per attendee, but you can purchase a Community Pass for about $400 per attendee.

Social Media Week

Held in Santa Monica, California on June 17 and 18, Social Media Week promises to be the best social media marketing event of the year in Los Angeles. Your team can experience live speeches, keynotes, and instructional workshops hosted by more than 200 social media marketing professionals from all over the world. Prices for Social Media Week 2020 haven’t been announced yet, but you can contact the event coordinators to learn more about special group discounts for three or more Standard or Premium passes if you want your whole marketing team to attend.

Content Marketing World Conference and Expo

Social media marketing is a specialized form of content marketing, so your team won’t want to miss the Content Marketing World Conference and Expo held in Cleveland, Ohio from October 13 – 16. Your team can spend four days learning from the best and brightest in the content marketing world, learning new strategies for reaching your audience on social media, creating more effective content, and leveraging your social media presence to grow your brand.

Register as soon as possible to take advantage of the Super Early Bird special and grab an All-Access Pass for just $2,000, or about $1,100 for the basic Main Conference Pass. These rates increase the longer you wait, so register as early as possible to save money on your team’s passes for this must-see event.

Social media marketing is a constantly evolving industry, and your brand will benefit from a team with a diverse range of experience and expansive list of professional contacts. These five events are just some of the best social media marketing events you should try and attend in 2020. As you plan your business schedule for the new year, start thinking of which social media marketing conferences would be the most beneficial to your marketing teams. Register early and take advantage of everything these incredible events have to offer.