Using Amazon’s E-commerce Ads to Build Creatives For You

Using Amazon’s E-commerce Ads to Build Creatives For You Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s a new age for shopping, an electronic age. Consumers are increasingly shopping online, and the trend is curving upward dramatically every year. Most people start their shopping online to get a better feel for what’s available and for how much before they go to a brick and mortar store to look at the product in person. Increasingly, people aren’t even bothering to go to big box stores but are purchasing their products directly online. To put this in scope, Amazon projects that there will be approximately 230.5 million shoppers online in 2021. That’s just in the US alone. There’s a whole world out there where shoppers are increasingly going digital for their needs. 

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Amazon’s e-commerce ads can take advantage of this always-on shopping environment by making your business creatives stand out from the rest. Amazon E-commerce ads are digital marketing options built into the Amazon platform that allows retailers to market the products they sell and ship through the Amazon Marketplace. They are creative banners that the Amazon Marketplace algorithm generates automatically, which you can use in all of your Amazon display advertising in the Amazon demand-side platform (DSP). There are five major benefits to taking advantage of these e-commerce ads.

Multiple Creatives Are Available

Amazon e-commerce ads within the Amazon DSP offer multiple versions of creatives are optimized automatically using machine learning for the designated goal through the application of big data analytics. Amazon currently has 300+ million active customers worldwide. By using big data analytics, Amazon captures, collates, and correlates its consumers’ shopping tendencies, meaning it knows precisely when and how to target your specific demographic. If consumers tend to buy suntan oil and portable radios at the same time, you will be better informed if you sell either product. Through this medium, your business can offer your products and services every time a consumer shops online, whether they are on the Amazon site or not.

Reach Your Goals

Amazon e-commerce ads  can also help you reach your goals by providing a metrics-based strategy at no additional cost to deliver analytical insights and performance details, both before and after your advertising campaign. These metrics can help you better understand what is going wrong and what is going right in your campaign, allowing you to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Save Time, Save Money

Amazon e-commerce ads can save you time and money by quickly building a creative that’s just right for your business and your budget. Traditional advertising methods rely on opportunistic methods, meaning that people see them only when the opportunity is present. Why spend money on a billboard when only those driving by it will see it? Unlike the traditional forms of advertising, digital advertising is constant and available every time a consumer searches for products and services your business provides.

Cut Your Costs

Amazon e-commerce ads can also cut your costs by building custom creatives explicitly tailored to your business. Cookie-cutter advertising isn’t very effective, especially if you have something unique to offer consumers. Traditional advertising teams can be expensive, and even more so when you want something customized. Amazon Advertising is all digital, making it simple to customize banners for your ads. 

Customize Your Ads

Amazon e-commerce ads can offer flexible formats for your custom e-commerce ads. You can choose customizable features from creative ad formats to ad placement. You have control over how you present your ad to potential consumers. You rarely have this kind of control in traditional advertising formats.

Amazon e-commerce ads also offer dynamic advertising, meaning they can automatically add badges to your creative such as “deal of the day” or “savings” if the product is on sale. Dynamic e-commerce ads are even more effective due to their real-time adjustments, drawing in new and potential consumers by alerting them to your cost-saving deals as they occur.

Build Lasting Relationships

Amazon Advertising helps you build new and lasting relationships with consumers by saving them more money and helping your business grow by reaching a broader audience through digital advertising. There is a rapidly growing online consumer presence that Amazon Advertising can help you reach to maximize your business growth.

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