Vizion Interactive Now a Google AdWords Qualified Company

We are proud to officially announce that Vizion Interactive has recently become a Googleâ„¢ AdWords Qualified Company.

Vizion Interactive previously held the certification of Googleâ„¢ AdWords Qualified Individual. We have recently taken efforts to further the PPC (Pay Per Click) education and pay-per-click knowledge-base of our staff to better meet the needs of our clients– and to excel in the evolving world of search engine marketing.

I recently spoke with Glenn Boswell, one of our PPC experts:

Besides being a full-service interactive marketing agency and a leader in Search Engine Optimization, I am really excited at where we are heading with our pay-per-click marketing service offering. From concept to inception, or the management of an existing PPC program, we have the tools and knowledge-base to drive successful gains for our clients through online channels such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. We can perform in all PPC elements such as custom landing page development, ad copy creation, bid management, timing, and keyword discovery.

What does it mean to be a Google AdWords Qualified Company?

Companies that meet Google’s requirements (such as minimum spending requirements and employing at least two Qualified Individuals) can achieve Google’s Qualified Company status. This qualification demonstrates that the company employs individuals with deep AdWords knowledge, and has experience in assisting clients with their AdWords campaigns.

Vizion Interactive is also in the process of furthering our certifications from Googleâ„¢ such as the Googleâ„¢ Analytics Individual Qualification recently attained by Josh McCoy.

When you consider hiring someone (or a company) to manage your Google AdWords pay per click campaign, one factor you might consider is whether or not the individual who is actually going to be working on your account is certified by Google or not. There are a lot of issues that can come up when managing your Google AdWords account, as it can make a big difference when it comes to your bottom line.