Vizion’s Internet Marketing Link Roundup [10/10/14]

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Breaking News: Banned in Google –
Top 15 Places Your Local Business Needs To Be Seen –


Cross-Device Measurement: Believe the Hype
With analytical tacticians honing in on multi-channel attribution and the progression towards defining solid attribution models, cross device measurement is definitely a hurdle we need to clear.


Pigeon Rolled Back? Law Firm Study Says Yes
Ah, much like any large scale algorithmic update…It seems Pigeon follows suit as they always seem to drop the hammer, wait a little bit and then ease up a bit.

The Death of Google Authorship: Why Being an Author Isn’t Dead
A great read on how just because authorship isn’t moving forward, it surely isn’t dead. You need to continue on with developing authorship authority.

SEO Teaching: Should SEO Be Taught at Universities?
Definitely an engaging question. It is something that should be taught, but will you also be teaching other principles such as content marketing, ethical link building, and social media which help to make SEO effective?

Only 5% of SEOs Feel Google Views Link Building as Not Spam
Several months ago a poll was conducted to see how SEOs thought Google viewed link building. Albeit there aren’t a lot of responses given the size of our industry, the results are kind of jarring. What do you think about it?

The Philosophy of SEO Audits
At PubCon, Alan Bleiweiss gave a presentation on “The Philosophy of SEO Audits”. Needless to say this is packed with great information and resources. Make sure you read it to the end, there’s another link to this session from last years “How-To” of his audit process. Which is another great informative read.

What Do Structured Snippets Mean To Your Page-Level Content Strategy?
Structured snippets are now part of Google search and these snippets are not derived from structured markup on the page, instead they are formatted in a way that machines can parse information very easily. Here are some tips for structuring and optimizing your web pages for search engines.

How To Prove Your Website Can Be Trusted (& Increase Conversions Easily)
People have a difficult time trusting websites and because of that it is more and more important to earn your visitors trust so that they ultimately become engaged with the site and convert. Here is a list of tips that will help you prove that your website is trustworthy which can lead to an increase in conversions.


8 Link You Must Have, But Probably Don’t, To Keep Up With Facebook
This is a great, short list of Facebook marketing specific resources. So if you’re looking for some help with Facebook, this article has just about everything you’re going to need.


The “Content-Driven” Sales Funnel
Content should always have a purpose. If you’re selling something each piece of content you produce should have the aim of moving people closer to the point where they make an actual purchase. Included in this post is an overview of keywords and content types you should be focusing on when you’re creating your typical buying cycle.

How to get rid of bad content
With Panda out there lurking over content, it’s more important than ever to evaluate your website content to determine if you have quality content, old content that should be updated, or content that is so bad that it should be removed from the website. Here is a list of the ways to improve the quality of your website’s content.