Vizion’s Internet Marketing Link Roundup [10/17/14]

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The ABCs of SEO


Tired of hearing “You’re too expensive?”
It’s about helping them see the value you are bringing to them so they don’t see it as a painful cost.

Measuring ROI: why we’re all doing it wrong
Included are some great points on how we need to think about ROI in a multi-touch mindset. Model attribution is becoming a hot topic in digital marketing this year, and it is time for everyone to understand how looking at all touch points leading to conversions are the way to go. Read about how Dixon Jones feels that there is more to the mix.

How Not To Ask For Reviews: A True Story About Local SEO
Reviews are a priority need for Local SEO. Knowing how to go about getting reviews is a first step learning point for Local SEO and as this piece points out there are things to avoid. Online reviews are critical in today’s local business world and they won’t be disappearing anytime soon. In fact, they are becoming more important and more influential.

The positivity or negativity of an online review can sway consumer’s opinions and ultimately the success of a business. Do you know how to obtain legitimate online reviews? Read on for tips.

How to Increase Conversions with 10 Landing Page Tweaks
When it comes to landing pages, you should always tweak various elements of the page to determine if one strategy converts more users over another. Users don’t want to read a wall of next, nor do they want to enter information into multiple fields. Instead, users want what they were promised in seconds. Here are some various insights on how to increase landing page conversions.

Email Marketing

Email Marketers: Take Your List And Check It Twice
Do you have an email marketing strategy in place for the holidays? Have you thought about the quality of your email list(s)? It’s best if you clean up your lists and remove email addresses that never respond to demonstrate to email providers and blacklist operators that you actively manage your lists. Here are some tips on how to make sure your messages reach the inbox.


Dealing With Onsite Duplicate Content Issues
On-site duplicate content is an area that many sites suffer from, but are not necessarily keen to. Tool offerings these days are making detection much easier as well as a little know how in how to manage your on-site content can keep you out of trouble.

Link Building

Most SEOs Say They Want The Nofollow Attribute To Stay

This is an interesting poll that was run by Search Engine Roundtable. The results show that most SEOs want the nofollow attribute to stay. There’s a link to a full blown discussion on Webmaster World. The thread is a good read. What do you think about the attribute?
What is your take on nofollowing links? It was all the rage back in the days of pagerank sculpting, but does Google really give it much attention now?

How to build relationships and links for your business
Great interview with one of the best at link building, Julie Joyce. If you’re up for a good read, click the link above, sit back and read on.

Promoting Local Content For Local Links
When you create local content, it doesn’t always mean that local users will stumble upon it. You have to build local links to your content so that local consumers that interact in the local community will have a better chance of finding it. Here is some advice on how to promote local content.