Vizion’s Internet Marketing Link Roundup [11/07/14]

It’s time of the week again! Our team has scoured/stalked/searched all of social media, news feeds and more to find some of what we thought were the best links this week! There’s a mix of local, content marketing and even some information on WordPress you’ll find helpful. We hope you enjoy this edition of, “Vizion’s Links Of The Week”

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 The Best Kept Secrets of News JackingThe Best Kept Secrets of News Jacking



8 tips to Optimize Your Local Knowledge Panel in Google Search
Need some tips on how to make your local knowledge panel look better in the SERPs? Would you like 5 of them? Well thankfully there are 8 here. Mike Blumenthal dishes out some great advice that anyone can read and implement right away. Nothing better than a post that’s instantly actionable.

How the Pigeon Update Affects Local Search Marketing
Everybody has been talking about Pigeon it seems, and this post is no exception. If the most recent update to local search still has you scratching your head, this post by Peter Brooke will help alleviate any confusion you may have.

5 Reasons Why Your Website May Not Be Generating Leads (& 10 Boosters To Improve It)
As online marketer’s, we are constantly asked by business owners how they can increase online leads. Of course, in order to generate leads you need to acquire qualified web traffic and that is what a good SEO strategy can accomplish. Of course SEO is not a stand-alone strategy, but rather it’s the foundation to assist other marketing channels to generate leads. Here are five reasons why your website may not be generating leads.

WordPress SEO Tips
Search Engine Optimization is still the most effective way for most businesses to gain visibility, build brand awareness and acquire new business online. Sure there are many factors and variables that need to be applied to various websites but the fundamental tactics are applicable to all types and sizes of websites. To gain more knowledge, here are 100+ amazing SEO tips, tricks and techniques.

Watch Matt Cutts Respond To If He Will Return To Google Search
The “Cutts Watch” topic has been all the rage this week. Honestly though, if he doesn’t return will it impact your daily job that much?

37 Awesome Tools To Get The Most From Your SEO Campaigns
In the digital online world we use a lot of different tools every day to build and optimize online campaigns. There seems to be new tools popping up every week and it’s not easy to keep up with latest and greatest resources available. Here is a list of tools that range from link and content analysis, social analytics and scheduling tools.


Content Marketing

How does Google judge quality content?
Content is KING! You see it everywhere content and Google are mentioned. But how does Google really evaluate content? Or for that matter quality content? This post by Marcus Tober digs into some of the things Google considers when reviewing “quality” content.

How to Make Your Visual Content Stand Out On Social Media
Social is becoming more and more visual and it’s time you start creating and sharing some appealing visuals for your brand. Visuals tend to attract the human eye and users become more engaged and are more likely to share your content as opposed to reading a wall of text. Blog posts will still have their place but combining them with rich photos, infographics, videos etc. will capture your readers attention. Here are some tips on how to make your visual content stand out.



Why Shoppers Abandon Their Carts – and What Search Marketers Can Do to Help
Tis’ the season for shopping and we love great insight on how to tighten the conversion funnel and keep those abandoners from leaving!

Black Friday: Millennials will spend more but 35+ will spend the most
This may be a little obvious, but it begs the question, to you segment analytical data by demographic to understand their behavior on your site?



4 Tips for Producing Great Event Coverage – Whiteboard Friday
Great tips! We all go to events. Do something with your participation in these events.

That does it for this week, what links do you think should have been added? Toss’em in the comments for us and others to check out.

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    Let the black friday madness begin!

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        Come here often? 😉

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