Vizion's Internet Marketing Link Roundup [8/22/14]

The latest Vizion posts:

Is the interface that Google is testing for local better for the user? –
Call Tracking – Google’s now in the game –
Your 3 step guide to SEO content analysis –

Vizion around the web:

10-Point Google Analytics Implementation Checkup –
From Josh McCoy
Not Everything in Today’s SEO Has to be Organic –
From Mark Jackson

Link Building

Announcing the All-New Beginner’s Guide to Link Building –
Just read it, it’s amazing and it really needed to be updated.


3 Quick Evergreen SEO Tips To Help You Rank –
Simple, yet powerful advice any site owner should check out.
The real winners of SSL as an SEO ranking signal –
by now you’ve all heard about the SSL ranking signal right? Right, so here are some results of some tests that were run to see if it had any impact.

Email Marketing

Pre-Holiday Email Frequency: Too Much Or Too Little? –
Email can help with branding as seeing a brand frequently in the inbox will likely cause the consumer to recall that brand over the competitors. How often will you send out pre-holiday emails?
3 Simple Ways Email Can Drive SEO Results –
Emails can’t directly impact search engine rankings, but email campaigns can boost SEO initiatives. Here are 3 simple ways email can drive SEO results.

Social Media

How to Use Facebook for Targeted Content Promotion –
Give your content a nudge in the right direction and get more people looking at it through Facebook advertising.
Why Your Facebook Campaign Doesn’t Work (And What You Can Do to Fix It) –
Great points in understanding advertising in Social vs. Search involves two different angles.


Brands That Tell Stories Gain Audiences –
Companies that are crafting strong brand stories are engaging with their customers in a true marketing form instead of hammering advertising messaging. Here are some ideas on how to gain audiences with brand storytelling.
What to Include (& Leave Off) Your Homepage –
Great tips for the first impression of one of your most important pages!


Bing Maps Adds Hundreds Of Streetside & 3D City Images; Plus New HD Aerial Images –
Bing Local adds depth!


Google Made 890 Improvements To Search Over The Past Year –
Thanks Google for always keeping us on our toes!