Vizion’s Internet Marketing Link Roundup [9/05/14]

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Watch Your Step –

5 Tips For Working From Home –


Shh…If You Listen Closely, You’ll Know What Your Customers Want You to Write

Boy, Isn’t this the truth? In such a fast paced online marketing environment it a wise move to slow down and listen to your audience to truly understand the type of content that your searching audience wants to see.


Should You Call Out Your Competition For Buying Links for SEO

This covers a topic that has been talked about time and time again. What are the ethical implications? Is it right to call out a competitor for doing shady work? While Google does penalize sites for paid link schemes should agencies take it into their own hands to call them out? If you’ve ever thought about it you might want to give this a read.

ISOOSI Chat – Search Marketing Rumors, Myths and Truths

The folks at IsoosI had a search marketing chat with some pretty smart people:

David Harry (guest)

Barry Schwartz (guest)

Ammon Johns

Bill Slawski

Carlos Fernandes

Erik Stafford

The entire segment is a little over an hour but it’s packed full of some great information and SEO myth busting

Pigeon Advice from Top Local SEOs and a Pigeon-Proofing Checklist

What are the pros saying? By and large there are many noting that the local search algorithm for Google is bending back towards older basic SEO factors which is good. Additionally, many think that the full Pigeon update is still not fully rolled out yet.

Two Brands Creating Kick Ass Content, And Why It Works

A great reminder on developing great content by developing a strategy around a theme and then doing some storytelling.

Last-Minute SEO – Here Come the Holidays!

The holidays are right around the corner. Don’t waste another day waiting to implement holiday SEO tactics. Every day you delay is one more day lost. You need at least six to eight weeks to get a campaign ramped up. Here is a list of last minute SEO tactics to back into your holiday strategy.


Block Determination and Link Distribution

A great reminder that while we chase having a sexy site we need to remember basic SEO cues and that internal links in HTML still have value. Also, this piece shows a great reminder to make JavaScript and CSS visible to search engines so that they may better understand the layout of your page.

Content Marketing

Has Your Content Been Stolen? A Lawyer’s Guide To Defending Your Online Content

Has your content been stolen? When you create content, you generally control who can and cannot re-post your content. If someone is re-posting your content without your permission, you can send a DMCA takedown notice to require them to take down your content.

Types of Shareable Content (And How to Earn Links With Them)

Types of Shareable Content (And How to Earn Links With Them)

It is crucial to promote your content. It doesn’t matter how outstanding or valuable your piece of content is, if you don’t put forth any energy to attract users, the content will be worthless. You have to find ways to direct people to go your way. Under-promoted content will always underperform. Here is a list of various types of sharable content.

Infinite Scrolling for Your Content: The Pros and the Cons

If your website offers nothing but content and/or images, infinite scrolling might work. Typically with these types of websites everything is of equal importance, and the visitors coming to these sites just want to read about a certain topic and discover new topics. Here is a list of pros and cons when it comes to infinite scrolling.