Who is Optimizing YOUR Web Site?

Vizion’s president, Mark Jackson, just wrote a series of articles over at Search Engine Watch entitled “Don’t Hire a Butcher to Do a Baker’s Job” and has been getting a lot of feedback, both positive and negative.

Mark’s posts take a look at who it is that companies use to perform their search engine optimization. In some cases, it is the company’s IT team that ‘handles’ the SEO. Many times a company will use a web design firm to create the site in a ‘search engine friendly’ manner, but many of these firms have not taken the time to do a full analysis of the needs of the site to help it rank well in the search engines.

Here at Vizion we OFTEN are contacted by companies who have just had a new site designed and want us to come in and ‘optimize’ it for them. What we usually find are many different things in the design and Information Architecture that negatively impact the ability of the site to rank in the search engines.

Check out Mark’s two part talk about this often heated discussion and make sure that you aren’t having the wrong team working on the optimization for your site.

Don’t Hire a Butcher to do a Baker’s Job
Don’t Hire a Butcher to do a Baker’s Job – Part 2