Why Sponsored Brands Should Be Part of Your Amazon Advertising Strategy

Why Sponsored Brands Should Be Part of Your Amazon Advertising Strategy

Sponsored Brands are customizable cost-per-click (CPC) ads that appear above relevant Amazon shopper search results that have high visibility due to their placement on the webpage. They help drive awareness of your brand through exposure to consumers searching for products such as yours. A Sponsored Brands ad features your brand logo, a custom headline, and/or a Call-to-Action (CTA), and multiple products on display.  Sponsored Brands ads are extremely effective components of Amazon search advertising  due to cost-effectiveness, measurable results, and increased brand awareness, especially for new companies looking to build their brand’s awareness through today’s increasingly digital markets.

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Get Your Business in Front of Buyers

You can quickly build brand awareness using Sponsored Brands ads by simply increasing the visibility of your company and its products over the competitor’s brands during consumer searches. This is especially effective since there are projected to be over 230.5 million online shoppers in the US alone by 2021, and the trend is sharply increasing every year. Amazon alone has 300+ million online accounts worldwide, further increasing your brand’s awareness on a global scale. Creating a custom headline and strategizing how you want your brand to be presented will further expand your visibility to potential consumers.

Sponsored Brands ads connects Amazon shoppers to your products in three ways:

  1. Your brand logo and products will appear above Amazon search results for products relevant to yours. 
  2. When Amazon shoppers click your brand logo, it brings them to your store or custom landing page. 
  3. When Amazon shoppers click on a product, it brings them directly to the product’s page. 

More ways to connect Amazon shoppers to your brand and products means an increase in brand and product awareness. And, by creating an immersive shopping experience centered solely around your brand on Amazon, your customers are more likely to remember your brand rather than your competitor’s brand.

Leverage Sponsored Brands Ads for More Brand Awareness

Sponsored Brands ads typically enjoy the highest Click-Through-Rates (CTRs) of all Amazon search products. This means more shoppers are clicking the links displayed rather than ignoring them. This is yet another way that Sponsored Brands ads help raise brand and product awareness. The best part of this is that your Sponsored Brands ad is Click-Per-Cost (CPC), so you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad. You can even fully control how much you spend by determining the duration of your ad campaign and how much to bid per click. Even if a potential customer doesn’t purchase anything on their visit, they will still consider your brand and possibly even share the knowledge gained from their visit with others, thereby spreading word of your brand the old-fashioned way as well.

Keyword relevancy during an Amazon shoppers search is much less restrictive than with Sponsored Products ads, due to the broader nature of Sponsored Brands ads. Your company may sell multiple types of products or services, initiating your brand to appear after a casual search. If you merely use a Sponsored Products ad, then only a search for that particular product will result in your brand appearing. 

Sponsored Brands ads also offer analytical reporting of new-to-brand metrics to better help you understand and measure the number of first-time customers or total first-time sales your brand gained in the past year. 

Keep Your Established Brand Visible

If your brand is already well-established, a Sponsored Brands ad will help you stay on top by prompting shoppers to give you a chance first. Staying in the hearts and minds of shoppers significantly encourages brand loyalty while providing your customers with an opportunity to browse new products they may be interested in.

Whatever your branding needs, Amazon Sponsored Brands ads can help you achieve the full potential of your company’s brand while reducing costs and placing more financial and creative control over your campaign ads, as well as ensuring your brand surfacing in place of competitor’s brands during Amazon shoppers’ web searches is much more likely.   

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