End of Year: Skip Reflection, Let’s Look to the Future!

In the digital age, we cannot look into the rearview mirror. Why, you ask? Because the search marketing space is moving too fast for us to focus on the past. OK, OK we can hit the highlights: Google’s Penguin algorithmic update slammed what were deemed as spammy sites; Google Shopping (the wonderfully free offering for ecommerce sites to generate revenue) became a paid inclusion service of Google Adwords –

My Product Listing Ads. We hit a few highlights, and considering that Google makes an algorithmic change on the average of once per day, we are just scratching the surface. Let us focus on the momentum we already have and the energy we will need to succeed in the new year.

So what areas of Search Engine Marketing do we need to be considering?

Organic: Content! What do we want to rank for? OK, we know that, but we must have supporting content for these keywords — be it digital content or supporting textual content. If we want to be seen as an authority or purveyor of a certain topic, let’s create content to persuade search engines and people alike that we are the authority of this topic.

PPC: Video! Google TV was gonna be big, but they have shifted gears to tailoring video advertising through Youtube Instream Ads. Youtube “Sponsored” video advertising is nothing new, but there is a new model in place that ensures you pay per full video view and can thus justify the additional spend for more qualified visibility.

Social: Now is the time to Listen! We know that most people are connected to Social Media properties and we also know that this audience can be an outlet for revenue, as well as creating evangelists for your products and services. But for many, this is still an untapped channel. Most have done a good job of tailoring marketing efforts for Paid and Organic Search channels, but 2013 is the year to begin listening to your social audience while monitoring your competitors’ presence, reach, audience (this is your audience too), and engagement to see how you can take advantage of this emerging sphere.

(P.S.) Mobile: This is Organic, Paid and Social! With each progressing year, mobile usage jumps at impressive rates. Have you optimized the experience of your mobile and tablet users? Moving into 2013, carefully plan the content and functionality for your mobile users. Now is the time to start thinking about responsive design or a mobile site, as well as what messages and calls to action you are feeding your this growing audience.