Milestone Redesign Case Study


Client: Milestone Technologies
Industry: IT Services
Services: SEO Redesign

138% increase in organic sessions
42% increase in user engagement
170% increase in organic conversions

The Challenge

Milestone wanted a complete overhaul of their website that included many important requirements:

  • Rebrand with new logo, design and color palette
  • Improve page layout to accommodate new content and design elements
  • New site structure to add new content that was missing from the old site
  • Merge content from another company they had recently acquired
  • Implement a new CMS/framework to allow for easier site updates and maintenance without needing developers
  • Have an overall layout and structure that’s extensible to allow for future expansion upon acquisition of other companies

The Approach & Execution

After fully understanding the requirements we worked together with Milestone to evaluate several WordPress frameworks and page themes to determine the right technical solution for them. We provided the following insights and guidance:

  • Information architecture audit to help them determine the menu and structure of the new site
  • Technical/SEO review of new CMS, framework and plugins
  • Guidance on URL choice and format
  • Content Writing Guidelines and assistance to their in-house writing team to help them generate content for the new site
  • Google Analytics audit to ensure the new site will be tracked properly to monitor conversions, KPIs and other metrics
  • Content strategy guidance, keyword research and remapping of keywords and landing pages
  • Page speed optimization recommendations – plugin recommendations and how to handle lazy loading and other optimization plugins and issues
  • Weekly meetings during site development to share progress and get ahead of any platform, content or SEO issues
  • Pre- and post-launch QA


The new site launched during a company-wide all-hands company meeting, for the CEO to unveil the new brand and accompanying website. The new site has increased user engagement by 42% and Google Analytics reports a lift of 138% in organic sessions and 170% increase in conversions. In addition to the increased activity, Milestone now has a website that is easier to maintain for their non-technical staff and is extensible via the new information architecture and menu structure, allowing them to merge content from other sites as they acquire other companies in future.

138%Increase Organic Sessions

42%Increase User Engagement

170%Increase Organic Conversions

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