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Vintage Oaks PPC


The client had a high volume of leads coming in yet the quality was lacking. Sales people were at the point of refusing to follow up on leads due to the poor quality (no intention of buying or visiting the community). Sales were not meeting the annual goals set for paid search and display. The client was looking to keep lead volume the same, but find a solution to increase the lead quality.


To help Vintage Oaks reach those goals, Vizion Interactive’s PPC team:

  • Identified top converting creative and keywords
  • Followed lead through the sales funnel to identify high lead volume that didn’t result in sales
  • Worked with sales team feedback
  • Tested different combinations of keyword types, geography, and copy to evaluate impact on quality
  • Added audience targeting to search campaigns


46%Cost Decrease

+40%Increase Sales

  • Sales increased 40% YOY
  • Sales team is happy
  • Decrease in cost per sale