Why Consumers Love eCommerce

Consumers are increasingly drawn to eCommerce due to its convenience, extensive product offerings, and the ability to shop from the comfort of their own homes.

Customers love:

  • Shopping 24/7
  • Not having to wait in long checkout lines
  • Finding everything in a single spot
  • Browsing international brands

Make your online store more appealing with:

  • Free shipping
  • A varied selection of products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Discounted prices

These actions will help attract customers to your online store and help our team optimize your e-commerce marketing results.

eCommerce Marketing Lets You Access Billions of Online Shoppers

As of 2021, 2.14 billion people around the world shop online. That means that 27.6 percent of people go online in search of goods and services.

While this means that your online store gives you access to billions of shoppers, it also means that competition is fierce. Our eCommerce marketing solutions help you maximize your competitive advantage while adhering to strict industry regulations.

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Vizion Helps You Overcome eCommerce Marketing Challenges

Between the heavy competition and stringent regulations, there are numerous challenges facing retailers looking to build up their online presence. But Vizion is here to help you overcome those hurdles with our marketing skills and expert advice.

The Demand for Fast, Personalized Service

One of the primary challenges faced by online stores relates to customer service. Machine learning and artificial intelligence increasingly play a role in the customer experience. That, in turn, has changed expectations.

Now, customers expect to have immediate service. Not only do they demand a fast response, but they also need it to be personalized. They want the entire shopping experience to feel personal, from before buying the item to after sales.

This can seem overwhelming, but Vizion helps you achieve it with segmentation and optimization. Our eCommerce marketing services can include strategies for audience segmentation to help you provide the fast, personalized service customers expect. We can also guide you in optimizing your website’s product pages based on behavioral data and customer feedback.

Taking Advantage of eCommerce Search Algorithms

It is no secret that you rely on search engines to drive traffic to your eCommerce site. But you likely don’t have time or a deep enough understanding to do so yourself. A solid eCommerce and digital marketing strategy will always include SEO. That way, you’ll show up higher on the SERPs (search engine results pages).

As our team optimizes your search engine rankings, you will find more potential customers coming to your website. This results in increased lead generation and potential conversions.

Create an eCommerce Marketing Experience to Drive Repeat Customers

The right strategy for marketing eCommerce does more than just drive new clients to your website. It also encourages customers to return to your website and become repeat customers. You will have to put some effort into the user experience in addition to your eCommerce marketing solutions. The good news is that Vizion also offers web design services to assist with this.

With the combined efforts of our web design and eCommerce marketing teams, your past customers will come to your website again and again. They will have a great experience while there, leaving with a positive impression that makes them more likely to become loyal customers with our future marketing efforts.

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Our eCommerce Marketing Services for Online Stores

At Vizion, we understand that no marketing strategy works in isolation. You need to use several strategies and integrate them for the best results. We pride ourselves on offering a range of services and solutions, from SEO to PPC to social media.

This lets us create a holistic eCommerce digital marketing strategy that addresses all of your customers’ preferences. Throughout the process, we use proven optimization methods and marketing strategies that deliver results.

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eCommerce SEO

Our search engine optimization (SEO) services at Vizion ensure that your brand is visible to your target audience. With strategies such as technical optimization, local SEO, keyword research, Google Analytics review, and email marketing automation, we create a holistic SEO plan.

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eCommerce Content Marketing

Content marketing services are an integral part of your SEO efforts, as well as your brand’s thought leadership. We develop blog posts, product guides and descriptions, and social media content as part of these services. Throughout our content marketing efforts, we aim to promote your products effectively and boost brand awareness.

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eCommerce PPC

Our SEO services deliver a long-term strategy. That is why we supplement them with PPC, which can deliver instant results. Our ecommerce digital agency carefully conducts keyword research, letting us bid on the keywords that make the most sense for your business. We carefully evaluate search volume, intention, and cost. Our PPC management services can include A/B testing for ads, remarketing, landing page conversions, and other types of paid advertising.

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eCommerce Web Design

Web design is a crucial part of the customer experience, from the user interface to navigation to page load speeds. The specialists at our ecommerce marketing agency create a website that is simple to navigate and showcases what makes your business unique. We include both visuals and text on your website to keep things interesting and reduce the bounce rate. One of our primary goals with web design is to deliver a good customer experience. After all, that experience supplements all of our other eCommerce marketing strategies to ensure visitors follow the sales funnel to the end. It also encourages repeat customers.

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Social Media Marketing

No digital advertising strategy is complete without social media marketing. We have a dedicated team of social media managers working with the rest of our eCommerce marketing company to deliver results. Our social media marketing strategies include paid advertising and organic marketing strategies. We can do everything from optimizing posts to interacting with followers to responding to reviews.

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Shopify SEO

Many eCommerce stores choose to use Shopify for its ease of use and features. Our eCommerce marketing services extend to this platform. We provide similar SEO optimization services as we do for digital marketing for eCommerce in general. These include keyword research and Shopify SEO audits. We will analyze your backlinks and optimize both on- and off-page.

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Shopify Web Design

Even with Shopify simplifying the process of creating your website, it helps to have experts on your side. Our experience lets you leverage all the features and tools built into Shopify. We will make the most of the customizable themes and other features. As with any other type of web design, expect Shopify web design services to begin with a consultation. We want to learn about your branding and goals, so we can help you reach those objectives.

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Amazon Marketing

Amazon is another common integration among eCommerce retailers, and it is another area Vizion can assist you with. Our eCommerce marketing for Amazon sellers includes promoting products via Amazon Marketing Services and optimizing your product pages. We also use targeted content marketing strategies.

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Walmart Marketplace Marketing

Our experts are also ready to integrate your online store with Walmart Marketplace. This is yet another opportunity to launch products and spread brand awareness. Our team will create your product catalog and Partner Profile. We will also run native banner ads for you.

Why Your Business Needs eCommerce Marketing

Our eCommerce digital marketing services give you access to the 2.14 billion people who shop online. Apart from the popularity of online shopping, there are many reasons your company needs to prioritize eCommerce marketing.


Centralize Online Business Operations

With the right eCommerce marketing strategy, you can centralize your operations. Use data to monitor interactions and leads and see multi-channel product listings. You can reach customers on any of your online platforms and control it.


Improve Business Efficiency and Reduce Spending

By centralizing your business operations, you will improve your business efficiency. A further efficiency boost comes from putting your marketing in the hands of our experts. With a more efficient organization, your business is ready to scale up. You will also bring down expenditures, helping your bottom line.


Build a Strong Online Foundation

Just like any other type of growth strategy, your online marketing needs a strong foundation if you want it to succeed. Our comprehensive digital marketing services for eCommerce, including SEO, PPC, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) provide that sturdy foundation. Once we’ve built that foundation, we can expand on it to improve your market reach.


Expand Your Brand Reach and Customer Base

The internet is vast, giving you the chance to expand your reach and, therefore, your customer base. A combination of strategies, from SEO to social media marketing, lets you find new customers in new markets. Scale up your business without making any changes to your brick-and-mortar location, except maybe a larger warehouse.


Drive Sales and Reduce Cart Abandonment

Driving sales and reducing your cart abandonment rate go hand-in-hand, and both are direct results of eCommerce marketing. Various strategies, such as website optimization, a positive user experience, and email marketing, lower the cart abandonment rate and recover more abandoned carts.

Turn your eCommerce marketing efforts into profits.

Case Study Worthington  Vizion Interactive

Featured Case Study: Worthington Direct PPC + SEO

The primary objective for both channels was the growth of online traffic, transactions and revenue, with a major focus on Revenue. Overall, since 2008, we have seen Organic Search realize a 411% growth in Sessions, a 366% increase in Online Transactions and a 616% increase in online attributed Revenue.

411% Increase In Sessions
366% Increase In Transactions
616% Increase In Revenue
See How We Did It

“We have been working with Vizion Interactive for over ten years and they have been a great resource in making our SEO and PPC efforts a success. Search engines are constantly changing and Vizion has effectively been able to adapt and manage our PPC campaigns accordingly. We have a great line of communication with our project managers who have helped us make vast improvements in organic search results, PPC rankings, social media, web content, and web design enhancements. Keyword here: A+.”

Headshot Brian Heiland Vizion Interactive Brian Heiland Vice President | Worthington Direct

Turn your eCommerce marketing efforts into profits.