Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS) vary by industry and keyword intent. In eCommerce, shopping ads can make achieving a strong organic presence a challenge. Our eCommerce SEO experts ensure that you appear near the top of the search results, making it possible for your customers to find you easily. With a finite PPC budget, it’s important to fight for organic placement to ensure a 24/7/365 presence so that you are present when your audience is searching…day or night.

Stay Ahead of the Competition With Vizion’s eCommerce SEO Services

Competition is fierce in the world of eCommerce. Your competitors may not directly be Walmart or Amazon, but in the world of Search, they most likely are.

With PPC, it’s unlikely that you can compete with these giants on a dollar-for-dollar basis. However, engaging with one of Vizion’s eCommerce SEO agency experts can help you compete for the keywords, which are important to your business. With our experience and extensive knowledge of SEO, we can help shape your website and its content in ways that align with searcher intent, usability and, of course, Google’s algorithms.

The Best eCommerce SEO Company Takes a 360-degree Approach

There are many factors that go into how Google goes about identifying the best result to surface for eCommerce queries. Having  the right eCommerce platform, proper site architecture and taxonomy, and well-written website copy are among those things which the experts at Vizion Interactive will help you develop.

With eCommerce SEO, we can also ensure proper development and optimization of your Shopping Feed, as this not only helps with your Shopping Ads campaigns, but will also helps Google identify your products which can surface within the SERP of a query for your products’ names.

Synergy in eCommerce SEO Efforts

The SEO team at Vizion Interactive works seamlessly with our Paid Media team, so that we identify those keywords and/or product categories which are top performers and focus our efforts on areas which are most profitable to your business.

Keyword Research And Strategy eCommerce PPC Vizion Interactive

Technical Audit

The foundation of any SEO engagement is to ensure that the website is technically sound and that critical items are addressed, to allow Google to easily crawl, index and understand your website. Every engagement and every website is different, so items reviewed can vary. Common items reviewed include the website’s platform and hosting, site architecture and taxonomy, template reviews, HTTP status reviews, broken links/malformed URLs, Schema markup reviews, Page speed/Core Web Vitals reviews, Robots.txt and Sitemap reviews and cross-browser/device compliance and accessibility.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most vital components of an SEO effort. Finding those keywords which are key to reaching both top-of-the-funnel visitors, as well as bottom-of-the-funnel visitors is key. The expert team at Vizion Interactive will help to identify targeted keywords and share with you our research as to why those keywords were selected, so that we have a common understanding of what we are targeting and why. Using many premium/subscription tools at our disposal, we will research to identify those keywords with high volume, high relevance and those which represent an opportunity (ie: we have any chance to rank for these keywords within a reasonable amount of time). Vizion will also review any existing or legacy Paid Search/Shopping efforts to identify keywords which have historically performed, so that we can ensure that we are bringing synergy to both paid and organic efforts. From here, we take these learnings into our competitive analysis to identify best-practices which may inform our path forward.

Link Strategy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services Vizion Interactive

Link Audit

A historic review of who is linking to your domain, and how, is conducted to ensure that there are no signs of poor practices in the past. Combined with our Competitive Analysis, Vizion will identify methods to bridge any deficiencies and/or gaps in your link profile and work these into the ongoing SEO project plan.

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Analytics Audit

Measurement of SEO success can no longer take place via a Ranking Report (although we will conduct these and share these results, too). True success in SEO is helping to improve your bottom line and delivering a return on your SEO investment. This success can be measured in many ways, but without proper tagging and tracking of conversion events within your Analytics, measuring success would be a challenge. Our audit will review how items are being tracked and tagged and provide recommendations for improving this vital tool to measure web success.

Content Creation 1  Vizion Interactive

Competitive Analysis

In SEO, unlike in offline marketing, you are competing with any company who may happen to rank for keywords which are important to your business. Sometimes Google wants to surface/rank resourceful content and sometimes Google wants to present the exact product meeting with a specific query. Vizion will review many competitors to identify the components of ranking content and bring these insights into our project planning. Our competitive analysis is all-encompassing. Your competitive analysis may involve a review of information architecture/taxonomy of leading competitors, template structure, content structure, number of products/category (product depth), resourceful content development/blog, social activity, as well as PR/Link building efforts. If you’re also a brick-and-mortar, our reviews will also involve local listings and potential opportunities here, as well.

Content Writing 1  Vizion Interactive

Content Gap Analysis

Content gaps can take many forms. For eCommerce, Vizion will review categorization of products, product descriptions, blog content, resourceful content, image optimization and video. The outcome here is to identify pages which may need to be developed, content which may need to be developed and best practices identified which should become part of the routine process for developing content / assets, moving forward.

Copy Writing Light 1 Shopify SEO Vizion Interactive

Content Writing

Content writing is one of the most important parts of eCommerce search engine optimization services. Our writers craft content that fits your brand. We use the keywords we carefully researched that appeal to potential shoppers. We can handle all types of content writing, from product descriptions to landing pages to guest posts to review responses.

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Shopping Feed Optimization

Every eCommerce website should have a robust shopping feed that the search engines are aware of and can readily access and cache. Vizion will help to ensure that your shopping feed is both complete and optimized for performance. If you don’t currently have a feed management tool, one will be recommended, and we will ensure that the Google Merchant Center is established, and feeds are routinely submitted. Shopping Feed Optimization is no longer a “just for Shopping Ads” affair, though our paid media and organic teams will work in unison to make sure that we are accurately representing the depths of your product offerings and optimizing these efforts towards those products which are more important to your business.

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Sitemap Optimization

Ecommerce sitemaps should be a robust organization of all of the major pages of your website. Vizion Interactive will help to build a customized approach to your sitemaps, ensure that they are uploaded to Google Search Console and report on any issues which may be identified, on a regular basis.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

It is oftentimes much easier to improve conversion rates by 10% than to increase organic traffic by 10%. Without a doubt, an improvement of 10% in the conversion rate will more directly lead to growth for your company. The SEO team at Vizion has many years of experience in identifying best practices. Utilizing premium tools, we will track customer journeys to understand where there may be areas to improve. When necessary, we will conduct A/B tests to ensure that we always put our best foot forward. Tests on cart abandonment and/or ease of checkout are certainly also critical. As we see it, it’s not enough to bring quality traffic to your website…we need to help them to convert.

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Using Google Looker Studio, our analytics team will ensure that we are tracking what needs to be tracked and developing reporting which can easily be shared up the chain of command. Our reporting ties in data from many 3rd party applications (and can bring in your in-house data, as well) so that we have one source of truth. All reporting is completely customized to your needs.

Turn your eCommerce SEO efforts into profits.

Vizion Provides All of Your eCommerce SEO Services in One Spot

Take advantage of our eCommerce SEO experience and expertise to handle all of your search engine optimization in one place. We deliver data-driven results and integrate your SEO strategy with your other marketing strategies in a customized plan that expands your reach. With us, you get:

  • Enhanced Google Data Studio reporting
  • US-based SEO experts
  • Integration with other digital marketing solutions
  • Data-driven processes
  • Trackable, data-driven results

Contact us today to start giving your eCommerce SEO a boost.

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Featured Case Study:
Pinto Ranch

The Pinto Ranch site was redesigned and moved to a new platform (Shopify) and suffered a loss in traffic and online sales. They came to Vizion for help. Vizion identified the issues and opportunities related to SEO & CRO and quickly turned things around.

169% Increase Non-brand Google rankings
29.5% Increase Organic Sessions
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“We have been working with Vizion Interactive for over ten years and they have been a great resource in making our SEO and PPC efforts a success. Search engines are constantly changing and Vizion has effectively been able to adapt and manage our PPC campaigns accordingly. We have a great line of communication with our project managers who have helped us make vast improvements in organic search results, PPC rankings, social media, web content, and web design enhancements. Keyword here: A+.”

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Turn your eCommerce SEO efforts into profits.