Endeca Development Services

Imagine… your brand has the ability to create and deliver rich, rewarding cross-channel experiences that make customers fall, wallets open, at your digital doorstep.

It’s true! Providing a personalized, consistent buying experience for your customers is no longer a perk that might win you a good review; it’s expected. It’s incredibly difficult to implement and manage at scale, though.

Oracle’s Endeca is a powerful discovery engine that helps your customers find the most relevant, attractive items in your online store, and our Endeca experts put it to work for you.

This insanely compelling approach to personalized content allows you to optimize your customer’s experience across all channels, from in-store and mobile to online and social. Best of all, you don’t need your team’s buy-in to do it, and they won’t have to learn – yet another – complicated new platform. We’ll customize your Endeca Experience Manager and teach your team how use the features it’s most efficient to manage in-house.

Our Endeca Development Services give you:

  • Endeca Search Tuning and Maintenance: Using our iterative methodology, we’ll identify an industry-relevant list of terms, commonly searched words, and “no results found” entries. We’ll then evaluate and tune your Endeca index to ensure the most relevant results. Finally, we’ll take you to the next level using customer behavior tuning and capitalizing on the “wisdom of the crowd.”
  • Version Upgrades: Our team members have experience upgrading Oracle Endeca from MDEX 5.1 all the way to the latest Oracle Endeca version (11.2). Ensure you stay up to date with Oracle’s supported version, take advantage of new capabilities with the latest release, and prevent incompatibility issues caused by using updated documentation for dated software.
  • Experience Manager Implementation: Oracle Endeca MDEX is the core of the software, but the powerful Experience Manager is the component that will separate your website from your competitors’ pages. We’ll properly design the template and cartridges based on your needs, to make best use of Endeca Experience Manager’s capabilities. Our team will then work with your business team to create mock-ups of templates and cartridges. Next, we’ll take the design and implement the solution down to the cartridge handler-level.
  • Type Ahead Capability: Do you have typeahead functionality on your website? Typeahead (or Auto-Suggest) is a powerful tool to guide users to relevant products, categories, or topics. Typeahead is no longer just suggested terms; it can now include relevant products, associated content, and even social media discussions. Talk to us to see how we can improve your conversion and reduce abandonment by implementing typeahead functionality.
  • Performance Tuning: Endeca divides performance tuning into 4 categories: Query, Hardware, Configuration, and Caching. Each implementation is unique and may have various acceptable performance criteria for each category. We’ll help you understand each aspect of the performance tuning and provide overall tuning to maximize your investment in Endeca.

No Endeca expertise in-house? No problem. We provide a team of industry-leading Endeca experts without the cost of hiring. Our team will also monitor and maintain your Endeca implementation to ensure maximum performance. We’ll then work with your team using various methods to maximize your Endeca capabilities.

“We engaged Vizion Interactive for a thorough SEO evaluation (audit) and an update to our Endeca platform, inclusive of a sitewide URL rewrite and redirection strategy. The results were nothing less than phenomenal. Within weeks of the launch of their recommendations, we realized significant results in our keyword breadth in the search engines and relevant organic traffic to our website. Our web traffic from organic search has increased by 16% and the number of keywords that we had in Google’s top 20 results has grown from 4,500 to 7,359 within five months of launch.”

– Al Hurlebaus, Director of E-Business at Interstate Batteries