Maximize Your Endeca ROI and Discover New Experience Manager Opportunities

Wondering whether you’re getting the most out of Endeca? In an Endeca Audit, our team reviews your current Oracle Endeca implementation and provides findings and recommendations based on industry best practices. This process normally takes about two weeks. We’ll cover all aspects of your Oracle Endeca implementation, including:

  • Data Ingestion Performance
  • Indexing Performance
  • Search Options
  • Partial Update Performance
  • Properties Returned to UI
  • Snippeting
  • Dimension and Property Names
  • Index Default Sort
  • Engine Configuration
  • Merchandising and Experience Manager
  • Application Development Findings
  • Precedence Rules
  • Template and Cartridge Design
  • Cartridge Handlers
  • Application Performance

You’ll receive our findings and any actionable recommendations for improving your Oracle Endeca implementation, as well as high-level estimates outlining any efforts required to remedy the issues that we find.

Avoid duplicate content issues & unnecessary resources spent on maintenance.

Oracle Endeca Experience Manager provides you multiple ways to create and maintain rules. However, if your rules are not properly set up and divided, the sheer number will be overwhelming. Your team may spend countless hours maintaining duplicate content.

We wrangle Endeca into submission with documentation and education on how to best use and maintain rules within Experience Manager. If needed, we’ll create custom cartridges to help minimize and automate maintenance efforts. We have the experience and capability to audit and archive unused or expired rules as part of our maintenance plan.