Take Your Oracle Endeca SEO Performance to the Next Level

Is your website powered by Oracle ATG/Endeca? Don’t limit your search performance with the out-of-the-box solution. Our Endeca SEO services help both humans and search engines find and understand the products and services you’re trying to sell.

As your Endeca SEO partner, we provide the technical expertise and advanced SEO knowledge you need to kick your software into high gear. Our experts set you up with Endeca customizations and a meta data/structured data framework that drives higher rankings.

Our Endeca web services team will take care of:

  • Optimizing your site’s category landing pages, search results pages, product listing pages, and product detail pages
  • Implementing custom tags and management to expand the capabilities of the out-of-the-box software beyond its limit of only a handful of necessary tags
  • Adding Google-recommended tags and merging them with other content that does not reside within the Endeca index, which is one way we maximize all of the products and contents you show on your website
  • List pagination, image tagging, and other aspects of the Endeca cartridge development
  • Customizing the Endeca Experience Manager to allow your team to manage of on-page tags such as h-level tags and image ALT tags, which helps shorten your publishing cycle and related costs
  • Training your team to manage critically important SEO-related on-page tagging without the headaches of IT involvement
  • Adding structured data to product details, result listings, and landing pages to assist search engines in crawling and interpreting the content of each page

Our technical experts help your team identify which structured data is missing and fill in the gaps. Not only will your human customers better understand your page, but search engines will also better understand how your products and services answer the needs of motivated, in-market consumers.

Endeca SEO Auditing

With some customization, we can optimize your Oracle ATG/Endeca-powered website. An SEO Audit, Oracle Endeca Audit and Maintenance check, or Oracle Endeca Development plan can ensure that your SEO is at its best, whether you need to optimize your category landing pages, search results pages, product listing pages, or product detail pages.

Our Oracle Endeca SEO auditing service covers:

  • URL structure: Do you know the potential of your URLs? We’ll review yours to ensure they follow the industry’s best SEO practices and optimize them to take full advantage of Endeca’s features.
  • Sitemap: In our review of your dynamic and static sitemaps, we’ll examine how they were created and check for SEO-nightmare 301-redirects and broken URLs
  • Meta tags: We’ll check that high-value meta tags are where they need to be and confirm their relationship with Endeca data
  • Structured data: We’ll review structured data and its tagging with Endeca data
  • On-page HTML/JavaScript code: An evaluation of your pages’ source code tells us whether your site is set up for SEO success
  • Google/Bing Webmaster tool: Google and Bing’s webmaster tools are essential to an efficient site. Is your site communicating correctly with search engines? Let us set these tools up for you.

You’ll get a comprehensive Endeca SEO Audit report that identifies your greatest opportunities and potential areas of improvement, so you can move forward with confidence to implementing the most beneficial SEO improvements for your site.