Why Choose Vizion for Franchise PPC Management

Vizion understands the technicalities involved in marketing for multiple franchise locations, including geo-targeting, ad scheduling, ad copy customization, budget allocation, and campaign tracking.

We have over 19 years of experience in digital marketing for large organizations and know what it takes to develop an efficient PPC management pipeline that seamlessly integrates with workflows to deliver measurable results for each location.

We are experts in using Google Ads, paid social media, and programmatic channels to target specific audiences, capture their interest, and drive conversions. We can also position your franchise for long-term visibility and exponential growth.

Our Approach to Franchise Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

We start by understanding your business model, including your mission, goals, and unique selling propositions, among other specifics unique to your brand. We’ll collaborate with your team to ensure all campaigns align with your brand.

Our PPC management strategists gather data on your target audience in various locations based on demographics, interests, and search intent.

We use focused ad groups featuring keywords and ads that drive users to the location landing page that is closest to the user. We target various platforms and devices for optimal reach and maximum return on investment.

Our PPC marketing experts align campaigns with the objectives of each location to drive foot traffic and sales at these stores.

We track and analyze campaign performance and make data-driven adjustments.

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Our Franchise PPC Process

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In our first meeting, we’ll gather data on the defining aspects of your franchise as well as your marketing goals and expectations. We’ll also evaluate your previous and ongoing PPC campaigns and their outcomes. This will help set a foundation for new strategies and realistic goals. We’ll also walk you through our approach, estimated timeline, and deliverables. If you have concerns, we’ll address them accordingly.

Set Up

We will set up your PPC campaign based on what we’ve learned about your franchise and its goals. This will include the following PPC management services:

Competitive Analysis

Every industry is dominated by players who are precise and strategic in their marketing initiatives. We identify these enterprises, monitor and evaluate their PPC strategies, and devise measures to outperform them. Typically, this involves evaluating their target demographics, keyword usage, landing page designs, and ad copy against industry standards. We also use their monthly clicks and spending as benchmarks.

Keyword Research

Your target audience searches for your products or services using specific terms or phrases, which are subject to change. We have industry-leading tools to identify, track, and analyze these keywords, their search volumes, competition levels, and costs per click. This will lead to the selection of opportunity keywords.

Search Structure

We divide your campaigns from an overarching theme into smaller, organized ad groups centered on themes and match types for efficient targeting. For example, we use different landing pages, ad copy, and keywords for each ad group and different ad groups for each location.

Tracking and Testing

Our tracking strategy starts with the identification of all conversion events. Implementation of tracking codes and pixels ensues, and measurements are made against predetermined key performance indicators (KPIs). We also use A/B testing to determine the effectiveness of different ad variations, landing page designs, and other elements to determine the most effective combination.

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We analyze performance data from your PPC campaigns and present it to you in a detailed monthly report. The report includes the prior month’s results against KPIs, including clicks, leads, conversions, and costs for each location. It also includes strategies for the coming month based on the reviewed data and the overall campaign goals. We’ll use this opportunity to discuss any concerns or recommendations with you and make necessary adjustments.

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PPC advertising for franchise businesses can’t be set and left to run on autopilot, given that customer behavior, competitor strategies, and search engines are dynamic. We also understand your need for growth and that your franchise business and marketing goals may change over time based on many factors. As such, we will continuously monitor, test, and make periodic strategy adjustments to your campaigns.

Transform your Franchise PPC efforts into profits.

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Featured Case Study: SpeeDee Oil

The Vizion PPC team worked to optimize campaigns for both franchisee and corporate owned locations to encourage new customers to visit the nearest location for service. The campaigns saw an increase in store visitation of 27% along with a 39% decrease in cost per store visit. The campaigns successfully drove 23% more users to the campaign landing to find special offers to download and bring into the nearest location.

23% Increased CTR
27% Increased Store Visit Rate
39% Decreased Cost Per Store Visit

Transform your Franchise PPC efforts into profits.