Make the Most of Your Google Analytics Installation

Ask yourself:

  • Which sites, platforms, devices, and social media channels are sending traffic to my site?
  • Which pages pull the most traffic? Do they push visitors to other areas of the site?
  • How much of this traffic leads to successful subscriptions, purchases, or other desired visitor behavior?
  • What are my customers searching for on my site?

If you have incomplete answers to these questions—or no answers at all—you’re only skimming the surface of your website’s capabilities. You need seasoned professionals well versed in the review, configuration, and customization of Google Analytics.

That’s where we can help.

Be Better Informed with Professional Google Analytics Setup Services

The right tweaks can help you uncover information about your traffic (keyword and page referrals, social media mentions, incoming activity driven by product listing ads or other PPC efforts, etc.) and the way users experience your site (including single and repeated clicks, eCommerce behaviors, etc.) to give you a comprehensive view of how your site is performing as a part of your sales funnel—and how it could improve.

As a Google Premier partner, we’ll use our extensive toolset and skills to:

  • Perform a universal Google Analytics installation on your site to collect data on site traffic and onsite behavior
  • Ensure proper user permissions (administrator or standard user profile access) are given to each of your team members so they can access the information sets they need for review, strategy, and execution
  • Provide custom segmentation, filters, and analysis, parsing your data to include and exclude relevant points from the site traffic information, based on your specific needs
  • Install and maintain the most up-to-date Google Analytics tracking code snippets on each page
  • Create custom reports for specific members of your organization to share your preferred site traffic and metric information without having to adjust profiles
  • Include additional Google Analytics setup options, such as eCommerce tracking via Google Ads, event tracking, custom dimensions, and site search