The home services industry is incredibly large, valued at around $400 billion. As such, you face heavy competition and need something to set you apart from the crowd. Home services marketing lets you do just that. With digital marketing services from Vizion, you can attract new clients and continue your company’s growth.                             

Why You Need Digital Marketing for Home Services

Searches for home services are growing. Google reported 350 times as many searches, including keywords “near me” and “local” in 2019. Thus, you miss out on potential clients if your company doesn’t appear near the top of the results.

With a home services marketing agency like Vizion, potential clients will consistently see you when they search for home services. Prospective customers will see your company’s website when they search, then visit a well-designed website that convinces them to contact you. An expert home services digital marketing agency will highlight your reputation, quality of service, value, and other special features.

This is crucial, as your online presence doesn’t just depend on your ability to be found. You also need to have a good reputation. Consider that in 2021, 81% of consumers used Google to decide whether to hire a local business. By contrast, in 2020, only 63% did. This shows a sharp increase, highlighting the importance of a strong reputation.

What Digital Marketing Services Does Vizion Offer?

At Vizion, we offer all digital marketing for home services you will need. Getting all marketing services from a single agency comes with extra advantages. You can rest easy knowing that your website developer and SEO marketer are on the same page. The same is true of communication between any other two digital marketing services. You also get the simplicity of billing and communication that comes from working with a single agency.

Our home services digital marketing agency not only offers you all the digital marketing services you need, but we do so to a high standard. Take a closer look at some of these marketing methods.

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Sixty percent of people find their home services online, and a solid SEO strategy ensures that your company appears near the top of the results when someone looks for a company to hire. We take a strategic approach to SEO. Thus, we carefully conduct keyword research, then optimize for them. We work on every aspect of SEO, from incorporating keywords to website optimization.

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We complement your SEO with paid home services marketing strategies. Google Display Ads are just one example of this. We carefully evaluate when you should appear in paid ads and craft the ideal content. This also includes PPC advertising. Pay-per-click advertising focuses on search results, placing you at the top of the page, even before the organic results. Our paid search efforts rely on our expertise to minimize your costs by targeting your ideal audience.

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Web Design & Development

 When clients are looking for a home services company, you can expect them to visit your website to learn more about your company and your offerings. They want to feel what sets you apart from the competition and ensure that you offer all the home services they need. We design and develop a website that lets your customers do just that. We make professional-looking websites that are mobile-optimized and easy to navigate. With the right website design, you can encourage conversions and minimize your bounce rate.

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Social Media Marketing

We encourage you to take advantage of our social media advertising services. From Facebook to Twitter to YouTube, we can do much more than just create occasional posts. We can start your profiles from scratch or update your current ones. From there, we create a posting schedule and craft engaging content. We interact with your user base to boost engagement and form connections.

Our social media services can also include paid advertising. We are experts at using social media algorithms to target your audience in the most budget-efficient manner without sacrificing results.

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Reputation Management

Reputation is crucial in the home services industry. Before someone welcomes you into their home or business, they want to know that they can trust you. Most people use online reviews and testimonials as an alternative to personal recommendations and a way to build that trust. Our home services marketing agency carefully evaluates your online reputation and improves it as necessary. We always work to improve or maintain your reputation, whether boosting positive reviews or responding to the rare negative ones to reframe them positively.

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Turn your home services marketing efforts into profits.

Vizion Is the Top Home Services Digital Marketing Agency – Here’s Why

You know that you need digital marketing for home services, but not every agency will deliver the same level of results. Choosing Vizion as your home services marketing agency will give you the following:


A Partner

We don’t just serve our clients; we partner with them. We’ll do the heavy lifting regarding your digital advertising, but we encourage you to share ideas with us. Throughout our interactions and services, we want you to rest easy knowing that we have the same goal as you – to grow your business.


A Working Relationship & Clear Communication

Our partnership is just part of our working relationship with our clients. We want you to feel comfortable approaching us with ideas, suggestions, or concerns. You can initiate conversations with us or let our team do it. We’ll use your preferred communication channel and do everything we can to make you comfortable.


Regular Reporting

At Vizion, we pride ourselves on keeping our home services marketing clients up-to-date about their advertising progress and plans. Yes, you can always contact us to get an update. But you won’t need to, thanks to our regular reporting.


Data-driven Results

Some aspects of marketing can be somewhat subjective, but we always rely on data and numbers to highlight our results and make crucial decisions. From evaluating your current SEO strategy to tracking the results of our PPC strategy, we are driven by data. This lets us ensure that we are truly delivering results, and it gives you confidence in the services you are paying for.

“Lennox Industries had never attempted SEO before, and we’re delighted with the traffic increases thus far. Vizion Interactive has helped us increase targeted traffic to our site by 46% since our SEO campaign began! We are very impressed!”

Allen Evans X Allen Evans Vizion Interactive Allen Evans eBusiness Manager | Lennox International

Turn your home services marketing efforts into profits.