Gain Insight on Your Target Market with Persona Development

Effective SEO is no longer about simply outperforming “the other guy” in search engine rankings by using a bag of tricks and tactics. To compete effectively, you need to have an awareness not only of your market, but of the audience you’re trying to reach, their interests, and how best to connect with them through friendly and relevant marketing.

Before you make a sale, you need to make a friend—or at least know who they are.

How well do you know your ideal customer? The folks who are most likely to visit your site and purchase your products? If you want to get to know them better, and create content that helps you connect, you need in-depth analysis and insight in the form of persona development.

You may be asking, “What are personas, and why do I need them?” A persona is an archetype, a kind of collective embodiment of the users whose behaviors and interest patterns are identified, tracked, and used as a data-driven “thumbnail sketch” of a user for whom you create display ads and retargeting campaigns, content marketing strategies, social media marketing efforts, or plans for Web design and development.

A stranger’s just a customer you haven’t met. Our persona development pros use a set of robust analytics tools to help you develop a demographic and psychographic profile of your intended audience by collecting important information about your visitors, including:

  • Sites and keywords that referred users to your site, along with the pages where they landed
  • Detailed information related to visitor behaviors, broken out by time, date, demographic categories, and interests (e.g., time spent on a page about widgets by rural male visitors aged 24-35 versus suburban female visitors aged 36-50)
  • Key demographic data, including age, gender, and location

Digital marketing and SEO are no longer just about ranking tactics. They’re about creating content and advertising that speak to people’s interests, and keeping the context relevant not just to them, but to your business.

Sometimes, it really is all about who you know—and how well you know them. Once we have a well rounded profile of the people who visit your site, it’s much easier to create content and advertising that speaks to their interests and help you build the relationships that lead to sales.

We can help you craft the friendly and effective strategies you need to reach your customers across all segments through search engine optimization and marketing efforts, including email marketing, PPC management, and high-quality, targeted content such as infographics, white papers, and blog posts.