WTH is Programmatic, Anyway?

It’s more than just a buzzword, but programmatic isn’t wizardry or black magic. Programmatic advertising allows you to get super granular with your targeting and compete on a whole other level, with ad buys.

In fact, expertly managed programmatic ad campaigns can increase your efficacy, lower costs per transaction and level up your ROI, too.

Programmatic campaigns regularly optimize themselves towards specific KPIs affording our experts the opportunity to dig deeper into areas like planning and executing highly personalized, sophisticated campaigns. That’s precisely the value our programmatic experts at Vizion bring to your business: our familiarity with the programmatic landscape, ad formats and bidding technologies bringing a powerful punch when paired with top quality creative.

What Can Programmatic Ad Strategy Do For Me?

So why use programmatic advertising services, and what can it do for your business?

  • Reach your ideal prospects when and wherever they’re most receptive with cross-device targeting even extending to Smart TVs.
  • Reach those who have visited your competitors’ websites or who have signed up for your competitors’ newsletters.
  • Get more granular and deliver an exceptional experience from your very first consumer interaction, with highly personalized content optimized to what’s been learned about your highest-converting, most engaged consumers.
  • Captivate consumers with video and image ads available on either a CPM/impression or performance-based (PPC or Pay-Per-View) basis.
  • The program will continually optimize itself towards specific KPIs that matter, spending more on publications or placements that are effective and deleting the losers.
  • Benefit from Vizion’s sophisticated programmatic tools, like behavioral targeting databases that enable us to hone in on your most valuable prospects with absolute precision.

Programmatic advertising services and our expert programmatic strategy put the very best in advertising technology to work for you. Sail over the hurdles of teaching your team another new technology, another set of tools, and getting their buy-in by adding Vizion as an extension of your team, to complement your existing marketing activities with programmatic.

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