How do you determine what to write about on a company blog?

A blog is not intended to be the area where you promote your company/brand/products and services. Your blog is intended to contain helpful, resourceful, interesting and – sometimes – funny content that folks may want to read, share and – yes – link to. There are many great tools which can help you to determine the types of content that you may want to cover, and plenty of SEO / Content strategies that can go into helping you to develop an editorial calendar for your blog.

One great tool to help you get ideas is BuzzSumo. Using BuzzSumo, you are able to get a quick glance at the types of content that your competitors are publishing, and where they’re promoting it, and see how many Shares their content has received. Shares will often lead to Links. This type of engagement is not directly attributable to an ROI but is very important in working towards a holistic SEO effort.