How do you know if SEO is right for your business/something that you should invest in?

On initial calls that I have with prospects, I typically run down three things to determine if there is an opportunity for a prospect to invest in SEO. First, I want to take a look at the current status of the domain/website in question by viewing it in SEMRush (how much “value”/presence do they have currently?), in Google (do a query, to see how much content is within Google’s index) and in a link tool (typically use, so that I can take inventory for “where they are at”. From there, I will do the same for several competitors to see where the gaps (if any) may exist.

Within 15 minutes, I can typically determine if there is an opportunity, or not. For some, they may understand that there are vast gaps and aren’t too concerned with a near-term return-on-investment. That’s fine. For most companies, they want to have a clearer picture as to when/how ROI can be achieved. At a minimum, people want to understand the size of the potential and then make a determination as to whether or not they have the funds/patience to see a “real” SEO effort through. SEM Rush is a great tool for providing you with that sense. Again, if you have any questions, I highly recommend that you speak with a trusted professional to help you to make this determination. Vizion Interactive does offer free “mini audits”, FYI. 😉